After 1975, the Pathet Lao government of Laos has been accused of committing genocide against that country’s Hmong ethnic minority. 2004 haben die USA ein Umsiedlungsprojekt in Angriff genommen, wodurch die meisten der staatenlosen Flüchtlinge binnen zwei Jahren in die USA überführt werden sollten, vorwiegend nach Fresno und Merced (Kalifornien) sowie St. Paul (Minnesota). The Pathet Lao (Lao: ປະເທດລາວ, "Lao Nation") was a communist political movement and organization in Laos, formed in the mid-20th century.The group was ultimately successful in assuming political power in 1975, after the Laotian Civil War.The Pathet Lao were … On 30 May, the first Air America helicopter pilots died in Laos, when Charles Mateer and Walter Wizbowski crashed in bad weather while trying to land supplies to the besieged Hmong. The air force, with 3,500 personnel, is equipped with anti-aircraft missiles and 24 combat aircraft. The Pathet Lao singled out the Hmong as enemies to be shown no quarter. (Perrin, 2003) As a result, over 40,000 Hmong fled the country in a desperate attempt to save their lives. Four days later the official Pathet Lao newspaper warned that the Hmong people would be exterminated "to the last root." In April 1975, as the North Vietnamese were moving towards Saigon, Pathet Lao forces began moving towards Vientiane. Soon after, the Pathet Lao declared the Hmong people dead; they started searching and … Communist forces broke the Laotian cease-fire of February 22, 1973 on March 27, 1975. Many did not survive the trek because they were shot by the communist soldiers, stepped on land mines and However, when Americans were defeated and forced to withdraw their troops from Vietnam and Laos, the new Pathet Lao administration signaled the Hmong people as traitors and announced that they would be “exterminated to the last root”. But on March 27, 1975, North Vietnamese-Pathet Lao forces launched a strong attack against Vang Pao's Hmong defenders and this time there would be no support. The association of the Hmong with the Americans was however to result in consistent political, economic, and social discrimination following the Pathet Lao victory in 1975 and the establishment of a communist state. Villagers were recruited by both the Pathet Lao communist regime under the leadership of Lo Faydang and the Central Intelligence Agency for the American cause under the leadership of General Vang Pao. After the Americans left Laos and pulled out of the Vietnam War, it was obvious that they had lost the fight. When a communist movement called the Pathet Lao began to gain power in Laos during the Vietnam War, the … For fifteen years the Hmong Special Guerilla Units of General Vang Pao conducted successful operations against the NVA and punished Hanoi and its proxy army, the Pathet Lao. The name 'Pathet Lao' (Land of Laos) referred to the communist movement that occurred in Laos beginning in the 1950s and was the Laotian equivalent of … Vientiane falls. The army marine section, equipped with 16 patrol crafts, has 600 personnel. The Hmong did not feel this finality, for to this day they still are persecuted” (Memories of the “Secret War”).