On the TV series, Smallville, Red Kryptonite causes severe changes in Clark Kent's personality, becoming rebellious, unpredictable and acting purely on erotic and selfish emotions (effectively, he loses all inhibitions). Smallville. If so, which ones? So this goes out to any really great Smallville fans out there, are there other episodes where red kryptonite affects Clark's mood? Smallville 2x04 Clark puts on a red kryptonite ring - YouTube It arrived on Earth during the 1989 meteor shower. Red Kryptonite. Sometimes grants humans superpowers, turning them into Meteor Freaks. In this form, he normally wears a leather jacket and rides around on a motorcycle. Large amounts of the substance landed on Earth in October 1989 during a spectacular yet destructive meteor shower which struck Smallville and concealed the arrival of the baby Kal-El and his cousin Kara Zor-El. Red Kryptonite is a varietal of Kryptonite. It's always about expanding the world and deepening the relationships." It aired on October 15, 2002. A Red Kryptonite is a mineral from the planet Krypton that removes inhibitions from Kryptonians and humans alike making them reckless, evil, and dangerous. In the Silver Age comics, it has a different effect each exposure to the Kryptonian; in Smallville, it … Many of them have effects on Kryptonians, often harmful.

Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral that made up most of the planet Krypton's structure, including its core. Kryptonite Varietals are the different types of Kryptonite that exist. "Red" is the fourth episode in the second season of Smallville, and twenty-fifth episode overall. Red Kryptonite - Has an unpredictable, different effect on Kryptonians every time. The effects are likened to that of being under the influence of too much alcohol, however, it doesn’t have any negative physical effects on Kryptonians. Smallville- Red Kryptonite Clark and Lana Kiss [HQ] - YouTube Smallville 2x04 - Clark puts on Red Kryptonite Ring - YouTube I think Clark's jerk personality on that one is just fantastic, and I want more like that. Dans Smallville encore une fois, la kryptonite noire, transformée en un puissant rayon, peut séparer le bon du mauvais chez un être humain. Red Kryptonite is a mineral from Krypton just as Green Kryptonite.It is not fatal to Kryptonian but can indirectly make the kryptonians a danger to others. Grief stricken, Clark starts using red kryptonite and decides to leave Smallville. It is ussualy reffered to as Red K. The only confirmed source of a Red Kryptonite to date has been the red meteor rocks found at Hob's Pond. During his honeymoon flight, Lex wakes to find the plane going down and Helen and the pilot missing. Bizarro-Red Kryptonite: Bizarro-Red Kryptonite affects normal humans the same manner that red kryptonite affects Kryptonians. Production Writing "As a writer, you only have so many tricks in your bag. When Clark Kent buys a ruby class ring, the red stone is indeed red kryptonite. It has various effects on Kryptonians. I'm fairly new to Smallville, just got into marathoning the series and I'm on Season 2 episode 4 "Red".

Lex Luthor en a fait l’expérience en chauffant à très haute température de la kryptonite verte. Known Types Green Kryptonite - causes weakness, nausea, pain, and lack of powers in Kryptonians. Red kryptonite has a drug-like effect, causing severe changes in Clark Kent's personality. When he puts it on, his personality is instantly affected, and the former sweet and friendly teenager becomes dark, selfish and ambitious, hurting his parents and his closest friends. Just like green Kryptonite, the red version can also affect humans. ... On Smallville: Green Kryptonite: Aside weakening and harming kryptonians (and suppressing their powers, especially their healing factor and invulnerability), can, under cretain circumstances, to caused mutations in humans, animals, and plants. Red Kryptonite brings out the “bad side” of Kryptonians and rids them of their inhibitions.