Article principal : Data IDs. For Terraria on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Light Discs Giveaway! Because the player cannot directly attack the Dye Trader with normal weapons, Rotten Eggs or external damage sources such as traps are needed to kill him. Light Pets are summoned secondary Pets which are assigned their own slot when active. Cette ... Disque de lumière (Light Disc) LightDisc: 562: Boîte à musique (Alt.

10% off discount code for the first 50 people to use the code: First50. De Terraria Wiki Aller à : navigation , rechercher Les lances ( " Lances " en anglais) sont un type d' arme de mêlée qui attaque avec une mouvement de poignardage (comme les épées courtes , mais beaucoup plus lentement et avec une plus grande portée) au lieu d'un mouvement de balancement.
The Egg Cannon is a ranged weapon that has a 50% chance to be dropped by Lepus.It uses bullets for ammo, but fires projectiles that resemble Suspicious Looking Eggs.Because of this, bullets like the Cursed Bullet have no effect on the resulting projectiles.. The eggs have a small chance to spawn a Bunny (on a Blood Moon, a Corrupt Bunny) or a Bird on impact.
They are quicker than other Boomerangs, and can ricochet any number of times. For Terraria on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Light Disc". Does anyone know a way? The Exotic Scimitar is a melee weapon that has a 12.5% chance of being dropped from the Dye Trader.It is considered to be a broadsword and will, therefore, swing overhead.. Its best modifier is Legendary.. Notes [edit | edit source]. ".

2015-07-04: Luminite Arrow, BEST AMMO IN GAME, Terraria 1.3: 2015-07-04: Electrosphere Launcher, One of the best weapons in the game, Martian Madness, Terraria 1.3: 2015-07-04 : Luminite Bullet, Best ammo in the game, Terraria 1.3: 2015-07-04: Toxic … The Light Disc is a Hardmode boomerang-type weapon that deals melee damage. ". The movement speed, brightness and general capabilities of each pet increase as the difficulty to obtain them does. Light Discs have the rare ability (along with the Bananarang) to be stacked up to 5 in a single slot, which allows them to be rapid-fired by holding the attack button, with multiple discs in the air at once. De Terraria Wiki. Light Disc, an upgraded Item In Terraria 1.3. For Terraria on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "For Fun Hacks - Putting a prefix on light disc? They produce light and follow the player, as well as (in some cases) providing other benefits. Aller à : navigation, rechercher. Other Videos By HERO.