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Directed by Takahisa Taura, Kaori Ando, Makoto Okazaki. To delete points, click on a DL point with your cursor cleared.

When you’ve selected the point you need to remove, pres the [DELETE] key or the [BACKSPACE] key.

By Jeffrey Parkin Aug 30, 2019, 12:00am EDT Astral Chain guide: File 03 Link cases, cats, and collectibles map Map locations to find every red and blue case, the cat, and the bathroom. Thank you! You can use the prior guide to get past the first part of the fight, but then you are introduced to your first boss fight on a motorcycle with Crius. ASTRAL CHAIN Learn more about the synergetic-action game.

File 02 -- Awake in Astral Chain is way more complex than File 01. Of course, you could always replay the prologue to change those but there is another way to change your name later.

Now nine Files later in the game, yet another motorcycle sequence has appeared.

In Astral Chain you can freely customize your appearance whenever you're at HQ. The only things you cannot change are your name and gender.

→ Please read the Rules and Style Guide before contributing to the wiki. (Video Guide) File 02 -- Items File 02 -- Supply Crates (23) & Dropped Item (9) File 02 -- Buried Item (1) Humanity's last chance against an interdimensional invasion is a special living weapon called the Legion. (Press [ESC] several times to clear your cursor if it is not already clear.) ← --- This wiki has 255 Articles, 546 Files, and 3,547 Edits, as of June 28, 2020. As a rookie officer in the elite police task force Neuron, you and your Legion will work together to solve cases and save humankind.

Jin will call you and tell you to go to the roof where you defeated the Homunculus. With Nobunaga Shimazaki, Chika Anzai, Takaya Hashi, Yûko Kaida. Astral Chain File 08 Walkthrough Once the chapter starts you will roam the street with Akira. You have to play it again for the supply crates dropped items, the buried item, the cat, the toilet and the photo order. The introduction scene in Astral Chain put you on a motorcycle and we already told you how to survive such sequences. RELATED: Devil May Cry: The 10 Most Insanely Difficult Missions In The Series.