It might be nice to mention the re-production of FF7's opening as a PlayStation3 demo at E3 2005, but I don't see where that would fit in the current article. The game touched on alot of mature concepts and events.
Thanks for translating Barrett’s bio, he’s one of my favourite characters. Square has a lot in store for us gamers and this version of FF7 is by far the best, in my opinion. Characters like Barrett and Cid really didn’t get as much character development as Cloud and Tifa which is … If defeating the whispers can change history, there's a chance to save Corel, Dyne, and possibly Barrett's wife. Seeing as the town was burned to the ground roughly a week later, odds are she didn't make it either way. If you were around back when I was working on the Japanese FF7 FAQ, then I'd like to say, "Welcome back!" Johnson from Halo. Square changed Shinra's motives for burning the town so it's tricky to point to one mechanism. It's hard to imagine the PlayStation 4 generation without Sony's E3 2015 press conference taking place. Game Final Fantasy VII; 1997; Category

For those of you who don't know, there are three versions of FF7. Now, at 30, my girlfriend and I celebrate our one year anniversary with her excitedly breeding her first gold chocobo. If this happens, Marlene will be Dyne's daughter again rather than Barrett's. We know that Shinra burned Corel. And even if he did, there's nothing strange about that being in FF7. We also picked up the catastrophe item which is Barrett's level 4 limit from what I believe is his wife. One option would be to break out a "releases" section that spoke to the PlayStation and PC releases, and then mentioned this tech demo (with the caveat that Square explicitly said it is not, in fact, remaking FF7 for PS3).
I don’t remember people so up in arms over Sgt. The first one is the original Japanese game. My whole life, FF7 has meant so, so much to me, yet I never met a single person with any interest in finding out why. Barrett's backstory makes his reaction to Sector 7's destruction worse. His mouth was worse than Barrett's and he chain smoked. I just wish FF7’s writers actually created a reason as to how Barrett came to name his version of AVALANCHE the same as Elfe’s version. And most importantly, no, Cid was not meant to be "likable" in the same sense as the other characters. And in the flashback, we learn that not only was Barret the type to unironically use phrases like "Golly gosh" and "Peachy-keen swell," he also had a wife who was dying prior to the Mako reactor getting built.