Gordon Hayward may have had his sights set on a son. Hayward wurde am als Gordon Daniel Hayward geborengeboren am 23. The Boston Celtics small forward, 28, is already a dad to two daughters —… Around the age of five —before he could even write—Gordon sat down with the help of his father Gordon Sr. and recorded his goal of playing in the NBA. His mother, Lucille O'Neal, is 6'2". American professional basketball player Gordon Hayward was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was … Hayward was born in Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, to Gordon Hayward Sr. and Jody Hayward. Shaquille O'Neal. To be fair, Shaq's parents are taller than average. Gordon ist so ein Familienvater, dass er sich für die Olympischen Sommerspiele in Rio aus dem Team USA zurückgezogen hat, um an der Seite seiner Frau zu sein, als das Baby kam. Juli 2016 geboren und heißt Charlotte Margaret Hayward. However, their heights are way above the normal range for parents that height. He played two seasons of college basketball for Butler University, and was selected as the ninth overall pick by the Utah Jazz in the 2010 NBA draft.He played seven seasons in Utah before signing with Boston in 2017. His father, Joe Toney, is 6'1". Gordon Hayward's injury 'a detour,' his father says: 'God will take care of this' Hayward's parents were in Cleveland and saw their son fall. Right from a young age, even before he could write, Hayward, had the dream of becoming an NBA basketball player. They visited him in locker room afterward. His birth named is Gordon Daniel Hayward. — Gordon Hayward (@gordonhayward) June 7, 2015 A year after marrying, the Haywards welcomed their first child, Bernadette Marie Hayward, on June 6, 2015. Born in Indianapolis and raised in the small town of Brownsburg just outside of Indiana’s capital, Gordon Hayward grew up loving basketball in a state that embraces the sport above all others. Wiki, Schwester, Eltern. He has a twin sister named Heather Hayward. However, they are still well below the average NBA height. März 1990 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since childhood, he has built up a strong interest in … He is of North American ethnicity and has an American nationality. The NBA players below don't necessarily have short parents. He was born on 23 March 1990. More importantly, they are dwarfed by their son who towers at 7'1". Gordon Daniel Hayward (born March 23, 1990) is an American professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Young Hayward was further blessed with the height as both his parents stood up to 5 feet 10 inches. His mother’s name is Jody Hayward and father’s name is Gordon Scott Hayward.