I haven’t met an SLP in the elementary, middle school or high school level that doesn’t need more speech therapy materials for r. final /ch/ words Created by Heather Gehringer M.S.CCC-SLP in Boardmaker©2011 www.heatherspeechtherapy.com Hide & Seek - Clinician hides the articulation cards around the therapy room. Expressive language through pictorials, signs, and written forms. If you are a speech therapist and you need some R speech therapy materials, our R word list can help you! When the client finds them, he says the word on the card using good sounds. We are happy to be back at Speechie Freebies this July in order to offer you this articulation freebie for addressing mixed /L/ blends. Memory - Place 3, 4, 5 cards in a row, have the client say the words, then close his/her eyes while you switch the order. That Darn R!

While there are many at home speech therapy games, activities, and toys children with speech challenges can benefit from, you must consult with a trained speech therapist or speech and language pathologist first to determine the scope of your child’s challenges and put together a proper treatment plan.

At home speech therapy. Children who suffer from speech disorders find it difficult to convey a message to others using words, sentences, and writing. If your child is having trouble saying the sound R, you have come to the right place! Speech therapy focuses on helping kids articulate words clearly and regulate pitch and volume. The freebie includes this terrific interactive tracing worksheet and a fun game board. S Articulation Game and Cards for the /s/ sound in Speech Therapy. Treating the /r/ phoneme can be tricky, tiresome and just plain annoying for both the clinician and student! Below you will find lots of free materials! First, there is a FREE worksheet (for non-members) and link (for members) to access new articulation materials. 10 TPT Speech Therapy Materials to Treat R. Nov 21, 2015 | 5 comments. This is Manda & Shanda from Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy LLC. Contains all you need to play this super fun monkey game!This download includes;★1 sheet of full color cards to target /s/ in articulation activities.★1 sheet of blackline cards to target /s/ in articulation activities.★1 Printable m Chicago Speech Therapy would like to provide you free speech articulation worksheets for parents of kids who could benefit from speech therapy activities.