By Jenn Arman. I confess, I didn’t know where to start when reading the Bible. Grace, mercy and peace from God the father and King Jesus our Lord.

Rekindle definition is - to kindle (something) again : to start or stir up (something) again. I recently taught 2 Timothy 3:10-17, on two separate occasions, and found myself stirred by this familiar passage. How to Rekindle Your Joy with Bible Study Start a Quiet Time (even if it’s not perfect!) 0. Learn about Holy Ghost baptism, laying of hands, faith in the Word, the Covenant of God in Christ, Christ in-us, divine healing and many other powerful Bible Studies from the Bible to live a life of victory over Satan and the world. Christian Life 10 Scriptures to Remember on Independence Day! Jenn Arman-July 3, 2020. Christian Life 4 Practices to Implement During Your Daily “Quiet Time” Rebekah Hargraves-June 10, 2020. 0. So read, digest, dwell, meditate, and grow in your faith in God through the Bible. See more. Good News Translation For this reason I remind you to keep alive the gift that God gave you when I laid my hands on you. And read some more. Bible Study: Do You Need to Rekindle Your Passion for God? 1 Paul, an apostle of King Jesus by God’s will, according to the promise of life in King Jesus; 2 to Timothy, my dear child. 2 Timothy 1 New Testament for Everyone (NTE) Rekindle the Gift! Then we should read. Sometimes it's … - Rekindle Network Christian Standard Bible Therefore, I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is in you through the laying on of my hands. At all. Check out these 10 Bible verses to remember this Independence Day!

Rekindle definition, to excite, stir up, or rouse anew: efforts to rekindle their romance; comments that rekindled her anger. Happy 4th of July! How to use rekindle in a sentence. Contemporary English Version So I ask you to make full use of the gift God gave you when I placed my hands on you. We know that faith comes from hearing the Word of God. Read more. Meanwhile, instead of being caught in the overwhelm or fear that I wouldn’t understand it, I simply started reading the Book of Psalms. When we see the vision that the Bible is a divine romance (from Gen 2:18-23 to Rev 21:2 & 22:17) and that the Lord Jesus is longing to return for His bride, we’re constrained to be the “Lord Jesus I love you people.” We need to be reminded again and again that loving the Lord is beginning of all genuine spiritual pursuit issuing in growth that will prepare us to be Christ’s bride. Use it well.

While studying at college it was a favourite to cite among both students and lecturers concerning the doctrine of Scripture. Take the Bible with you everywhere you go. If you do not regularly read your Bible, I would encourage you to ask God to help you start or rekindle your love for His word.