7pm Network Advance Session 1| Bp.

The Prophets' Conference is a platform raised by God for His prophets in the region to declare and articulate His Word, revealing His mind for the season that is advancing the Church. Online registration ends May 12th 2020.

September 28 – October 2, 2020. In the Prophets’ Conference, we seek to understand the Father’s will and purposes for His Church and people. This network’s purpose is to provide a platform for today’s prophets drawing from all aspects of Christian life. 10am Network Advance Session 2. MONDAY. Many are asking, “What is God saying?
4pm Network Advance Check in. TUESDAY.

Joseph Garlington. 12pm Network Lunch.

In the Old Testament, the prophet Samuel started a school for the purpose of training young prophets.

Elisha succeeded Samuel as the head of the school. God IS a loving God of restoration!

A leader in religious broadcasting for more than 85 years, the Voice of Prophecy focuses on God's love and heralds the soon return of Christ—providing hope to broken people and guidance for daily living. The Voice of Prophecy exists to proclaim the everlasting gospel of Christ—leading people to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and nurturing them in preparation for His soon return.

9am Network Advance Doors Open.

Voice of the Apostles Come join hands with others from many different backgrounds and denominations to receive apostolic teaching & empowerment, to be refreshed in … Voice of the Prophets 2020 APRIL 28 - MAY 1, 2020 Harrisburg, PA

Voice of the Prophets gathers prophetic voices from across the generations to equip, build up, and unify the body of Christ. NBC's 2020 Fall TV Schedule Has Gwen Stefani on The Voice, New Law and Order Series NBC's new fall schedule looks very much like last season with This Is Us , The Voice …

The PTL Television Network, voice of the Prophets, has added another mission to speaking the Gospel throughout the world. Online registration for Voice of the Prophets 2020 on June 16th 2020.