Libra woman hurt. She may even stop caring about her favorite hobbies, people and things.

A sentimental card, an exquisite piece of art, a dramatic apology - may work at times. She has a natural flair at making conversations.

Libra woman hurt feelings.

If you have unwittingly hurt a Libra, you can relax. If a Libra woman cannot fix the problem easily, she can become lopsided and sad. Libras are pretty bad when it comes to take revenge. Why it seems like pakistanis and indians in the uk are less nice and polite than white english people?i don’t want to hurt anybody feelings,thi? So if you’ve managed to hurt her, she will think things through rationally first.

When a Libra woman is hurt, she has to re-balance the scales and get things back to normal.

What is reasonable car insurance coverage? By Libralady1985 — April 7, 2017 10:45pm — 17 replies. She is neither quick to anger nor frustration. Fortunately for …

She has a friendly demeanor for the most part; she tries to be, to her utmost limits. A Libra woman is sociable, therefore there are possibilities that she meets so many kinds of people and there might be so many traits in people that might hurt her or annoy her to death. In some cases, her sadness gives way to hopelessness and she stops caring about everything. You’ll see things they don’t in others and when you try and explain it they won’t understand. A Libra woman is a patient and logical human being.

Even if they get hurt, they will not take the revenge back and affect their character. You have to keep hurting them to get them angered - and make them shut you out forever.

If you hurt a Libra woman over and over again or you've hurt her intentionally, you're likely to feel as if you've opened a can of worms. 3 years; details; report; rockyroadicecream. October 22, 2019Sloane Marie When you maintain a relationship with a Libra man, it is certainly possible that your behaviors may cause him to feel hurt or insulted. When it's time to settle the score, all the judgments she's made about you and all the little past hurts will come tumbling out, and she will seek to balance the score.

As a Libra woman, how do you typically, react, feel, think, etc when a man hurts you? And it’ll hurt you to see them get hurt by others being this type of person. They justify it, but it's stupid as treetrunk.

They tend to see the best in everyone so they give way too many chances. In simple, a Libra woman even lets her hurt get the better of her.