Prashant Rawal Sketches & Illustrations. (Not to be Confused with the Black Baron) Fanon Ideas so Far . User Info: mcnichoj. Yang VS Blacker Baron; Blacker Baron VS Jacqui (Abandoned) Possible Opponents .

Blacker Baron Back Art - Anarchy Reigns Art Gallery. Only after his humiliating defeat to Jack did he consider bulking up a bit, becoming a cyborg like Jack, and reinventing his image as "The Blacker Baron". CHARACTER MODEL. Anarchy Reigns VS Mortal Kombat! Dc Comics Comics Girls Superman Batman Character Modeling Comic Character Character Poses Character Design Comics. My first question is obvious: If he’s the BlackER Baron, who is the Black Baron, and was he skipped over for admission into Anarchy Reigns simply because the Blacker Baron was…blacker? A black character named…Blacker Baron? Which could explain why he's now the Blacker Baron, as he's possibly using "black" as a synonym for "cool", and the Blacker Baron is most definitely cooler than the regular Black Baron.

The Spoonman! The cocky rival of Jack Cayman or the friendly rival of Cassie Cage? This game looks like it'll fill the hole AR left when it died, I'm excited to see more and hopefully get in that alpha test. Does the blackness refer to his skin-tone, or the blackness of his villainous heart? mcnichoj 3 months ago #8.

Also, hello lenmutt. Jan 29, 2017 - Explore bladeberserker7's board "Anarchy Reigns Art" on Pinterest. Blacker Baron is one of the playable Protagonists in Anarchy Reigns. View an image titled 'Blacker Baron Back Art' in our Anarchy Reigns art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. I miss Anarchy Reigns multiplayer was quite a mess the 1st week of it's release... but so much fun. These two lethal punchers with cybernetic weapons are both legacies of a great punching men before them, but who's gonna win? The Black Baron (MadWorld) Captain Falcon (F-Zero) See more ideas about Anarchy, Reign and Art. Anarchy Reigns was a neglected gem. Blacker Baron VS Jacqui is a What-If Death Battle featuring Blacker Baron from Anarchy Reigns and Jacqui Briggs from Mortal Kombat.