Posted in Guides Tagged Astral Chain, Best Medicine, Blue Case, Escape Artist, File 05, File 5, Guide, Lappy's Lament, No Photography, Out from the Smoke, Pickpocket Prevention, Shocking, Side Case, walkthrough Post navigation ← Head forward and you’ll come to … Out From the Smoke. In this Astral Chain collectibles guide, you’ll find a map of File 05: Accord that marks the locations of the red and blue cases, the level’s Feline Friend, and the toilet. Turning on IRIS really helps here. Astral Chain – File 5: Out From the Smoke Walkthrough. When you gain control of your character, head into the green circle on the map. September 2, 2019 Lenusik Walkthroughs 0.

File 5 of Astral Chain is titled “Accord” and has nine red cases that are all located within Harmony Square Station.