The U.S. men dominated the first modern Olympics in 1904, sweeping all three medals with teams that represented Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago. Strug Beam: Since so many of the top gymnasts fell on beam in the all around, the beam finals were pretty diverse. Things sure looked a lot different a few decades ago at these Games. What are famous gymnasts of the past doing now? A total of 83 female gymnasts have represented the United States. Underage gymnasts have been a problem since the 1980s, when the minimum age was raised from 14 to 15 to protect young athletes from serious injuries. We follow up with Mary Lou Retton, Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner, Carly Patterson, and more. That the first black female American national gymnastics champion emerged in the early 80s (and the first African American Olympic female gymnast, Luci Collins, was on the 1980 team that never competed due to the boycott) may come as a surprise for the average Olympic viewer. However, as 80s kids will know, it wasn’t always like this. American women have won 48 medals at the Olympics – 9 in team all-around, 8 in individual all-around, 4 in vault, 8 in uneven bars, 10 in balance beam, and 9 in floor exercise. The shorts were short, the track suits baggy, and the mullets positively ravishing. USA Gymnastics’ all-around champions from 1963-1969 are not the official national champions although they are labeled with this title.

It wasn’t a bad match, either – Manchester United came out on top with a 4-2 defeat of Tottenham. The 17 Best Photos Of Olympians In The '80s. Source(s): famous female gymnast 80 39 wheaties boxes: 0 0 0 At the 1980 Summer Olympics, fourteen different artistic gymnastics events were contested, eight for men and six for women. That was until a … What was the name of the famous female gymnast from the 80's- she was on Wheaties boxes...?

Tony Duffy via Getty Images The United States Women's Gymnastics Team of Dominique Moceanu, Kerri Strug, Shannon Miller, Jaycie Phelps, Dominique Dawes and Amanda Borden stands on the floor during the Womens Team Gymnastics competition at the 1996 Olympic Games. All events were held at the Sports Palace of the Central Lenin Stadium in Moscow from July 20 through 25th. The first league game ever aired by the BBC took place on Friday 16th December, 1983. Thank goodness the clarity has improved in … The '80s saved the NBA.After merging with the more exciting ABA in 1976, the league was struggling to get attention.The NFL, NHL and MLB were all more popular. Flock, part of a famous racing family, won two NASCAR Cup titles during his career – in 1952 and 55. Since then, the roster size has slimmed down considerably, and since 2012, only five men have had the honor of being named to the U.S. Olympic team every four years. USA Gymnastics became the national governing body for gymnastics in 1970. Minimum Age. 2.