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Scam Goddess podcast net worth “Scam Goddess is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer podcast net worth Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer is a fun and informative podcast created in a 20-minute episodic format in order to deliver both knowledge and entertainment, while staying on pace with our fast-paced lifestyle. Previous Addresses: 609 Woodland Hills Rd #609, White Plains, NY 10603; 48 Rock Cliff Pl, White Plains, NY 10603; 165 Church St #3, White Plains, NY 10601 mike leith net worth; ... As Frank Tassone, school superintendent for the village of Roslyn on Long Island's tonier North Shore, ... Frank is a man who spends his days patiently handling helicopter parents and jaunting off to attend education conferences over the weekend. Jackman plays Frank Tassone - make that Dr. Frank Tassone, the superintendent of the Roslyn, New York school district. His performance as Frank Tassone in the 2019 movie “Bad Education,” was praised by the real Frank Tassone, who claimed that Jackman had done a very good job in the portrayal of the character, though the movie gets only about 40-50% right. The new HBO film “Bad Education” deals with the largest school-system embezzlement in U.S. history and tells a story that at times seems too crazy to be true.

Topic is: Turning our past pain into strength. Frank A. Tassone was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison for his role in an $11.2 million larceny scandal that has deeply shaken one of Long Island’s best school systems.

The climax of "Bad Education" is both entirely expected and utterly bizarre. After his conviction, he filed a discrimination suit “seeking $94 million in damages against the Department of the Interior and the prosecutor in his case.” When the trailer for the adult comedy movie, Blockers, was released, very few people expected much in terms of quality from the project as it was considered to be another by-the-numbers Hollywood flick.But when the movie finally hit the theaters in 2018, it became one of the highest-selling comedies in the year, birthing the rise to fame of the film’s leading star, Geraldine Viswanathan.

Last week on the Coach Mike Podcast I had the opportunity to exclusively interview Frank Tassone, whose fall from grace has been turned into an HBO's critically acclaimed film, "Bad Education" starring Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney.

HBO's big TIFF acquisition is a slick movie about outlandish swindlers, but anyone arguing that's the full story is scamming you. ... Hugh Jackman Net Worth… Tassone's riding high - a meticulous, cover-all-the-bases leader who has by sheer force of … But the film, which stars Hugh Jackman as Frank Tassone, the school district superintendent in Roslyn, New York, and Allison Janney as Pamela Over the years, Maldonado-Passage became a big name in the business and reportedly had a net worth of $10 to $15 million, but at one point he was forced into bankruptcy. [Editor's Note: The following article contains spoilers for HBO's "Bad Education."] As far as financial crimes in America go, former Roslyn school district superintendent Frank Tassone’s theft was relatively minor. (He did steal millions, though.)