I do attend an Anglican church, but I could just as easily join a Baptist or Methodist or Presbyterian church. In addition, some Anglo-Catholics within the Church of England and Episcopal church may find a way to come into full communion with the Catholic Church. I could go back to being a Catholic, but only if the parish was right. To my knowledge you simply need to start attending services and probably talk to the local vicar about converting. Hey, I'm also a Catholic-to-Anglican (we're even the same age), and I first started attending an Anglican church by following my teacher, who is an ordained Anglican priest. I fell in love, and I've been attending the same parish since.

I think there are alot of similarities between the Anglican and Catholic Churches, so converting shouldn’t be that difficult. Raised born again evangelical Catholic -eventually converted to Reformed Episcopal/Anglican after marriage to a protestant. Because of course the Anglican Church takes the notion of apostolicity seriously and takes history seriously and sacrament. The Catholic church is like much of the world, it isn’t all in the law, it’s in the enforcing. A good portion of RCIA is that community. He writes about his religious migration in the Anglican Journal:. newby July 23, 2004, 4:18am #6. The Anglicans and the Orthodox do not have a celebrate priesthood, and in some cases, Catholic priests are married. The process generally averages 6-9 months, but it may be less … Catholic author and columnist Michael Coren found his way from the Catholic church for which he was a voice to the Anglican church, finding both harsh criticism and spiritual relief. When a baptized member of another church wishes to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church, the person will be personally interviewed to see what kind of process would be appropriate. “I think any thinking Anglican will find himself asking some very, very difficult questions. If you are worried that a long time will cause him to not do it, do it with him. When you go thru RCIA besides learning about the Catholic faith, you become part of a community. The Anglican and Catholic churches … If they do, they will be following the path of the pioneering former Anglican clergy who are already ordained under the Pastoral Provision, which allowed married former Anglican priests to be dispensed from the vow of celibacy and to be ordained as Catholic priests… I didn't have to do anything. Despite what Catholics will tell you, I believe Anglican orders to be valid. Hear the stories of Catholic converts from an Anglican/Episcopalian background and learn what led them to embrace the Catholic Church. The RCC had once declared them to be invalid, but have not visited the issue since the interactions of the Dutch Touch etc…The Orthodox have not made a stance either way in regard to Anglican orders.