ŞEYH NAZIM OSMANLI DERGAHI - New York - adres: OSMANLI DERGAHI. It is situated near the village of Sydney Center, New York, a few hours outside of NYC. OSMANLI NAKŞIBENDİ CAMİİSİ. Sidney Center, NY 13839 . Sultan ul-Awliya sent him when he was barely twenty years old. Osmanlı Dergahı, Sidney Center, New York. 940 Main Ave. Passaic, New Jersey 07055.

Şeyh Nazım Kıbrısi Hz. A Der-gah is a Threshold to the Divine Presence. But, it is based in New York because Sheykh Effendi was sent here as Sheykh Mevlana’s Khalifah. USA - Cuma akşamlari saat 7:00′de - telefon: +001 (607) 369 – 4816. eposta: Dergah313@gmail.com. The Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi consists of a 50 acre farm and a masjid/meeting hall.

The dergah is on Wheat Hill Road in Sidney Center and is, upon request, open to the public. 4.7K likes. He came here, to bring the light of Tarikat, the Osmanli Naksibendi order. 1663 Wheat Hill Rd. Added on November 29, 2011 and last updated 6 years ago USA. In 2002, his spiritual mission culminated in the establishment of the Osmanli Nakshibendi Dergahi in Upstate New York. Osmanlı Dergahı (merkez)
… In the tradition of the Nakshibendi Sheykhs and the Ottoman Sultans, Sahib el-Sayf founded the Osmanli Dergahi as a place for those seeking the Truth to live a Prophetic lifestyle.