In Trinidad, pristine mangrove swamps and rainforested hills sit side by side with smoke-belching oil refineries and unpretty industrial estates.

Consisting of the main islands Trinidad and Tobago, and numerous much smaller islands, it is situated 130 kilometres (81 miles) south of Grenada and 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) off the coast of northeastern Venezuela. Most visits are trouble-free. Over 30,000 British nationals visit Trinidad and Tobago every year. Tobago has everything you’d expect from a Caribbean island, with palm trees and white sand aplenty, yet it’s relatively unchanged by the tourist industry. Visit the many quaint and friendly villages and experience their way of life, language and varied oral traditions, culture, dances, music and of course, their culinary delights. Learn More . If you’re feeling active, you can go swimming or even snorkelling – the water is lovely and warm – or take a boat tour around the island. Playing the steel pan 13. For food, fun and festivals, Port of Spain, the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago, is your ideal Caribbean location.
The old fortification is home to the Tobago Museum, where you can see historic maps, colonial artefacts and even the skeletons of indigenous Native Americans. Trinidad and Tobago Great Race. January to March are often considered the best times to visit Tobago - they are drier and slightly cooler than the summer months, though they are also busier - especially around Carnival. The melodic notes that ring out from the instruments can take various tones: lively and funky or classical and orchestral.

If you’re a fan of Mardi Gras, you’ll definitely want to …

The heat begins to pick up in May, and the rains start to fall from June - but there are bargains to be had.

Carnival seasons are the peak time when people from all over the world come to the Caribbean to enjoy the festival held… The country's complicated history connects indigenous, Spanish, English, French, African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Portuguese cultures — and this wide array of influences is reflected throughout the city. It shares maritime boundaries with Barbados to the northeast, Grenada to the northwest, Guyana to the southeast, and Venezuela to the south and west.

Trinidad and Tobago is the home of steel pans – musical instruments made from an oil barrel. The Most Famous Mardi Gras in the Caribbean.
The annual festivities were created to preserve the unique cultural traditions of Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago , officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is the southernmost island country in the Caribbean.