To do that, run the commands below. Once you have entered the credentials, click OK. \ firewall-cmd --reload By default all incoming ports are denied when you installed CentOS.

You’ll be asked to provide your username and password to login the CentOS server. Installing and configuring a SAMBA client on CENTOS 7 for file sharing on Windows. IP address of samba server is Go to Windows machine, open “ Network ” from a Windows Explorer window, then click on the CentOS host, or else try to access the server using its IP address. AIM. This article will describe how to install samba and access to home directory and share directory from Windows 10. yum install cifs-utils Next, we need an account on the CentOS server that will map to the Windows account granted permission to the SMB share,... We also want a … ERROR. Then reload the firewall by running the commands below. Windows cannot access \\sambashare1. Windows Client OS : Windows Server 2008 WORKGROUP : WORKGROUP. firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-service=samba. CentOS 7: Install samba and share with Windows 10 - Narrow Escape To allow external access to Samba in CentOS 7, you must open the firewall to allow traffic to Samba. Linux Client OS : CentOS 6.4. You do not have permission to access \\sambashare1. To access a Samba share hosted by Linux Client from my Windows Client. Preparing CentOS 7 for Mounting SMB Shares Install the cifs-utils package from the default CentOS yum repository. i'm trying to sharing folder with 'samba' from centos 7 to windows 7. i'm have succeeded to displaying 'folder' of centos 7 in windows network. e.g.