Our focus – investing in Innovation, Leadership and Growth. In-Q-Tel (IQT), formerly Peleus and In-Q-It, is an American not-for-profit venture capital firm based in Arlington, Virginia.It invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability. The Intel Capital AppUp(SM) Fund is a $100-million-dollar venture capital investment in companies producing infrastructure, middleware, innovative applications, and digital content for connected devices. Intel Capital announced new investments totaling $132 million in 11 technology startups. "- Founded in 1991, Intel Capital is the corporate venture capital arm of Intel and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It invests in in a range of technology startups and companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, mobility, consumer … Kae Capital invests in companies which bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in the markets, all backed by a great team capable to execute and build a large business. The Power of Partnership. These companies bring to market breakthrough innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous computing, and chip design. Intel Capital Invests $132 Million in 11 Disruptive Technology Startups. Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investment organization, backs innovative technology startups and companies worldwide. More portfolio exits than any other venture capital firm since 2005.; Ranked most active VC investor in AI, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Big Data. "An investment from this fund means access to a powerful network of customers, partners and advisors. Initially envisioned as a five-year, $125 million fund, the Intel Capital Diversity Initiative was expanded in October 2016 to also invest in startups led by entrepreneurs living with disabilities, U.S.-based entrepreneurs from the LGBTQ community, and U.S. military veterans. Our Focus.