TAKE THE COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT. As Pope Francis says, “We will not resign ourselves to imagining a Middle East without Christians.” We preserve the holy places and make it possible for Christians to remain in the land of Jesus. The Franciscan Monastery is home to the Holy Land Franciscan Friars, whose purpose is to support the Holy Land, its people and its holy sites.

Funds have supported orphanages, soup kitchens, medical clinics, sustainable water projects, and the development of farms to feed and to teach others to farm, according to the website. Franciscan Health is offering a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and medical provider consultations to help direct you to the most appropriate care. The Franciscan Friars ’ work in the Holy Land is vital.

Please note that the offering includes the cost of shipping and handling. Donate.

The Franciscan Missions provides direct financial support for the Order’s missions throughout the world.

Franciscan Missions is committed to spreading the Gospel message everywhere Franciscan missionaries serve. Please expect some delay of shipping honey orders. Thank you for The Franciscan Friars established a honey bee apiary near the existing greenhouse in the late 1920’s to aid in pollinating their vegetables, crops and orchard. HONEY GIFT BOX Two 12 oz plastic bottles of honey come in an attractive handmade wooden box with plexiglass cover, a useful item in itself once the honey is gone! We work to fund soup kitchens, projects for well systems, and the development of farms, churches, medical clinics, and housing for the poor.

Franciscan Mission Associates (FMA), now in its 59th year of service to the missions of the world, is a spiritually based organization with worldwide mission-helping undertakings.