Kids will love running along the beaches, checking out the wildlife, and getting among the bushland and even out onto the ocean! THINGS TO DO ON FLINDERS ISLAND Whitemark and beyond. 5 things to do on… Flinders Island 25.

What makes Flinders so appealing is the laid back sea side meets the country feel to it and best of all it's not too far from the city yet it feels a million miles away. Flinders Island, the largest island in the Furneaux Group, is a 1,367-square-kilometre (528 sq mi) island in the Bass Strait, northeast of the island of Tasmania. When you arrive on Flinders we recommend that you go straight to The Flinders Wharf in Whitemark. Things to do whilst you are here. Flinders Island is all about escaping—no noise, no stress—just the sheer bliss of unwinding and relaxing in a truly beautiful and peaceful setting, abundant with nature's gifts. Flinders Island Adventures is a proper island getaway for the family! Covers all types of terrain from rocky out crops to low lying scrub. Flinders Island Council deliver fantastic school holiday programs with a variety of activities for the kids depending on the season. Flinders Island is part of the state of Tasmania, Australia.It is 54 kilometres (34 mi) from Cape Portland and is located on 40° south, a zone known as the Roaring Forties

Flinders Island Restaurants; Flinders Island Attractions; Flinders Island Travel Forum; Flinders Island Photo; Flinders Island Map; Flinders Island Guide; All Flinders Island Hotels; Near Landmarks. Claire and Amanda do a fantastic range of Mountain bike tours of the island. Despite being very secluded, the stunning hideaway of Flinders Island has many activities. Visiting the island is like stepping off the grid and onto an enchanted island of rugged terrain, friendly locals and incredible paddock-to-plate food.

She’s as spectacularly wild and rugged as the people are warm and welcoming, and like her location, the experience is truly unique. Flinders Island is renowned for its natural beauty and wilderness. Things to do on Flinders Island Tours - For Flinders Island tour information, contact Flinders Island Experience Tours. Common species of fish caught are, King A great bush walk on the highest peak of Flinders, on a nice day you can see for miles.

Catch the train from Melbourne to Frankston and then the 782 bus to Flinders.

January. Get off the beaten track…There is no shortage of activities on Flinders Island, you just need to know how to find them. Public transport is available with the 782 Frankston to Flinders bus.

Fish from the wharf, beach, rocks, or charter a boat. Sensing my interest in the island’s food scene, Jo steers me to another gourmet haunt, Flinders Island Condimental (0438 560 184), 250 metres from her café. A beautiful experience for all levels of bushwalkers. Flinders Island _____ Welcome to Flinders Island, one of 52 islands in the Furneaux Group dotted across Bass Strait, north-east of Tasmania. There, I browse shelves laden with organic dried goods and owner Jon Hizzard’s relishes and hot sauces. Flinders Island is the largest of the 52 islands, and Flinders Island Adventures can be your guides through the mountains, and white sandy beaches.