Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat.

wrestling meaning, definition of wrestling, wrestling in english. Wrestle definition is - to contend by grappling with and striving to trip or throw an opponent down or off balance.

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tles v.intr. See more. Wrestling definition, a sport in which two opponents struggle hand to hand in order to pin or press each other's shoulders to the mat or ground, with the style, rules, and regulations differing widely in amateur and professional matches.

Also called "professional wrestling". Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. German Translation of “wrestling” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Definition of wrestling in English Dictionary; Substantiv PL wrestlings SUF-ling +-A sport where two opponents attempt to subdue each other in bare-handed grappling using techniques of leverage, holding, and pressure points. To try to throw or immobilize another person, especially by gripping with the hands. The origins of wrestling go back 15,000 years through cave drawings. Wrestle definition: When you wrestle with a difficult problem, you try to deal with it. A professional tumbling act that emulates the sport of wrestling.
To struggle to move or control something with the hands: wrestled with the truck's steering wheel. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
To engage in the sport of wrestling. ‘Like soccer, bicycling, boxing, and wrestling are popular working-class sports.’ ‘Tennis got the chop while sports such as rifle-shooting, kabadi, wrestling and volleyball received the nod.’ ‘He threw himself into sports, primarily wrestling, and he succeeded in that … 2.

3. Babylonian and Egyptian reliefs show wrestlers using most of the holds known in the present-day sport.