In Drill Dozer Jill has to rescue her families fabled Red Diamond from a group of bandits. Only a little bit is known about her history. Hands On: Drill Dozer. She then sets off to retrieve the precious Red Diamond, given to her by her mother and stolen by the Skullkers. When a gang of fiendish thieves steals your precious Red Diamond, it’s up to you and your powerful mining machine, the Drill Dozer, to lead a destruction-filled quest to retrieve it.

De SmashPedia la enciclopedia de smash. On the way she comes across a Yellow, Blue, Green and a Dark Diamond and has to defeat the people effected by them. Drill Dozer is an Action Platformer game developed by Game Freak, Published by Nintendo, directed by Ken Sugimori and produced by Junichi Masuda. TBA Super Smash Bros. Jill appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a assist trophy who attack whit the Drill Dozer, later in Ultimate, she appears as a support advanced spirit, able to be summoned by using cores from Duster and Drill Man. Game Freak, i creatori di Pokémon, presenta un gioco platform in cui puoi scavare attraverso qualsisi cosa lungo il tuo cammino usando il tuo Drill Dozer. Jill & the Drill Dozer. Her mother gave her the red diamond which was stolen by the skulkers and later recovered by jill. Ir a la navegación Ir a la búsqueda. Drill Dozer. History Edit.

Boss Battle. Jill appears as an Assist … Jan 25, 2006. Skipping Gaps.

About Genre Action ... Screw Breaker is developed by the GAME FREAK, known worldwide for its smash … Categoría:Universo Drill Dozer. Previously unreleased outside of Japan and the US, Drill Dozer™ is now yours to uncover! 2:07. After her father Doug is ambushed and injured by a rival gang called the Skullkers, Jill takes up the leadership of their righteous bandit gang, the Red Dozers.
En esta categoría se encuentran todos los artículos relacionados con el videojuego Drill Dozer. Subcategorías. The eponymous Drill Dozer is exactly as it sounds: a walking tank with arms that form a huge screw bit.While far from a stealthy vehicle, the simple straightforwardness of its design and mechanics finds a plethora of uses.

Her father Doug appears to have been a fighter and thief, who possibly has a drill dozer of his own, although unlikely. Jan 25, 2006. Gallery Images Quando una banda di ladri ruba il tuo prezioso diamante rosso, spetterà a te intraprendere una missione piena di demolizione insieme alla tua potentissima macchina perforatrice Drill Dozer! 0:57. Auparavant non disponible en dehors du Japon et des États-Unis, Esta categoría solo contiene la siguiente subcategoría. I