The program features intuitive interface. This software works as a practical website statistics program that will provide you with website visitors’ behavior reports and complete website usage statistics in several easy steps! It can even read GZIP, BZIP, ZIP and ZIP64 compressed log files so you need not to unpack them. If you're looking for a solid Apache logs analyzer, check out Angelfish. Nihuo Web Log Analyzer is a fast and powerful web access log analyzer for small and medium size websites.

With these templates, SEM’s Apache log analyzer is built to help you easily detect issues, receive alarms, and configure automated responses based on issue severity. It offers search and filter functionality for the log file, highlighting the various http requests based on their status code. Visualizing Apache Logs. Unlock prices start at €20 on Paypal for individuals. Apache Log Analyzer: Free Edition. One of the biggest advantages of using the ELK Stack as an Apache web log analyzer is the ability to visualize analyses and downloads as well as identify correlations. And unlike many traditional Apache log file analyzers, SEM’s virtual appliance deployment allows you to be “live by lunch” without the need for expensive consultants. Freeware and Commercial editions are available. Integrating with a new endpoint or … Auditing your Apache logs can be helpful for: We are running a shared hosting service and one of our customers seems to have (or had) an exploitable script running.

Website Statistics Software - Apache and IIS Log Analyzer. Select the log source This tool may be able to help you understand logs from one of the Google products. It can even read GZ and ZIP compressed log files so you won't need to unpack them manually. It also includes a web server that supports dynamic HTML reports. Nihuo Web Log Analyzer can analyze logs generated by Apache, IIS, Ngnix and lighttpd web servers. Sumo Logic offers a free service that allows you to analyze traffic by total volume and hits, total traffic by each server, and hits and volume by URL. Filter log events by time, origin, or by a custom field such as session ID.

With Nihuo Web Log Analyzer you can create your own custom reports or … Real time log analysis is waay different than real time JS-based tracking. The Nagios log server engine will capture data in real-time and feed it into a powerful search tool. I have a bunch of Apache log files that I would like to analyze. Thanks for all those who purchased and helped in supporting this program.

WebLog Expert can analyze logs of Apache, IIS and Nginx web servers. Website Statistics Software - Apache and IIS Log Analyzer. Its primary product is a log server, which aims to simplify data collection and make information more accessible to system administrators. Desktop-based freeware IIS log analyser (Apache logs is also supported). Log Analyzer: Trends helps you track your website statistics on a daily basis. Apache log analyzer. Freeware and Commercial editions are available. This cannot be done while the server is running, because Apache httpd will continue writing to the old log … The log data generated by your Apache HTTP server is a goldmine of information. Log Analyzer: Trends is a desktop-based IIS and Apache log analyzer software for web-masters, SEO specialists, and PR managers. ... wtop, and specially their log analyzer logrep are great, once you adapt the .conf to your log format it will provide a fast way to get what you need (top url, traffic, etc..) – aseques Aug 26 '13 at 11:05. There is also a report facility, thus you can generate a pie/bar chart in seconds. Using this information, you can judge your server's usage, pinpoint areas of weakness, and devise ways to improve server structure and overall performance. Logs are extremely useful for tracing transactions, but without a capable log analyzer, this process can be complicated and time-consuming. The former is difficult to implement and doesn't scale across multiple instances, and the latter is what Google Analytics uses. Detailed summary statistics with all major parameters on one screen.