Famous Converts New Zealand Rugby Player, Ofa Tuungafasi, Converts to Islam Sort: Date | Title | Views | Likes | Comments Date Title Views Likes Comments Sort Ascending There was a tiff on the internet a couple of months back, where of a spoken-word hip hop poetry group 'Poetic Pilgrimage' - Muneera and … Sabatai Zevi: Was a very famous Rabbi of his time , to the extent many of the Jews started believing him as the Messiah and he claimed it too. via #29 – Dave Chappelle. See Also: Notable Converts From Hinduism To Christianity B Parveen Babi – former Indian actress and an erstwhile fashion model; born in Junagadh, Gujarat to a Muslim family, and later converted to Christianity during the last years of her life, and was baptised in a Protestant Anglican church at Malabar Hill But she is far from the first celebrity to become a Muslim. Nora Illi, an officer of the Islamic Central Council Switzerland (ICCS), at an event in May 2010. With average citizens turning towards Islam, famous celebs have also come forward, admitting to the belief in Allah. Nameless Biblical Converts. 01. Mike Tyson is near the top. New content will be added above the current area of focus upon selection Some people claim that he was coerced , this might be true but later in life he truly accepted Islam and also bought 300 Jewish families to Islam: Sharmila Tagore is a famous yesteryear Bollywood Actress who also happens to be the wife of the late Indian cricketer, Mansoor Ali Pataudi. Shabbetai Tzevi - seventeenth-century Turkish Jew who had claimed to be Messiah and attracted a large following. Much of this was linked to Prince Charles’s public statements praising Islamic institutions, the role of women in Islamic society, and the role that Islamic values could play in solving British problems. The famous, world class boxer, known for his unique and skillful endeavors recently transformed his ethics to Islam. In fact, the number of Muslims in the U.S. after 9/11 more than doubled. Some famous converts acknowledge and respect Shia path (I can only think of one example right now lol). Sharmila Tagore. Yusuf Islam, the folk music artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, publicly converted to Islam in 1977. The story of three female converts. He made this decision after his introduction to Qadiri Islam posts his sister’s ill health. In a note on Twitter, she thanked associated Muslims for their backing. Chappelle happens to be one of those converts to Islam, who surely went an extra mile.

He converted to Islam in about 1998 and even planned a trip for Hajj. List of Top 10 Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities who converted in Islam. Another boxing legend, … The former heavy-weight champion converted to Islam in the mid-1990s when he was serving time in prison in conjunction with a rape conviction.

There were rumors that even Princess Diana wanted to convert to Islam before she met with that dreadful accident that took her life. Famous Converts to Islam. Here are five other famous converts: Lindsay Lohan He was deeply touched by the Islamic ideals and that’s what pushed him to convert. Why Islam? Famous and Prominent Muslims Who Converted to Christianity . It has been reported that famous … His conversion to Islam largely dissolved this mass messianic Jewish movement, but also resulted in the development of the ongoing Donmeh religious movement. Indian singer Han Raj Hans, who sang some popular hits like Aaja Nachle, Dil totey totey and Duma dum mast Qalander also converted to Islam. In 1997, an article in the Middle East Quarterly entitled “Prince Charles of Arabia” explored the idea of whether the Prince of Wales was a secret convert to Islam. Mike Tyson: Mike tyson is an American professional boxer.Tyson also converted to Islam with new name Malik Abdul Aziz.The renowned boxer grasped the religion when he was sentenced to jail for rape case. Some of the most famous and important converts were those whose names have been lost to time. Sinead, who is well known for her 1990 hit variety of the song Nothing Compares 2 U, publicized she has altered her name to Shuhada. From 1990-2000, around 12.5 million more people converted to Islam than to Christianity. Hans Raj Hans: The Pakistan media is abuzz with reports that popular Indian singer Hans Raj Hans has converted to Islam. First convert to Islam. 6. Fellow followers of Islam have been congratulating the musician via social media. Other famous people who converted to Islam include comedian Dave Chappelle, rapper Ice Cube, Malcolm X, and Akon. Who is the most famous person who converted to Islam? Sinead O’Connor, a famous Irish singer has declared she has converted to Islam, stated BBC News.
Khadijah - wife of Muhammad.