1. a group of warships, usually of the same type, assigned to some special duty; specif., a naval unit consisting of two or more divisions. Two or more flights form a squadron. Squadron spotlight Navy sources said the VFA-27, or Strike Fighter Squadron , based in Atsugi is undergoing training in the United States to operate the single-seat Super Hornets. For eighty-four days in late 1943 and early 1944, Marine Fighter Squadron 214 (VMF-214), commanded by Boyington and dubbed the "Black Sheep Squadron," set marks in leadership, combat prowess, and team spirit that have been studied and emulated ever since. squadron synonyms, squadron pronunciation, squadron translation, English dictionary definition of squadron. Definition of squadron noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. See also VMFA-323. The Governmental & Military Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang VMF means Marine Fighter Squadron. The 555th Fighter Squadron provides combat airpower on demand to U.S. and NATO Combatant Commanders as well as the National Command Authority in order to meet National Security objectives. Land based squadrons equipped with heavier type aircraft such as long-range bombers, cargo aircraft, or air refueling tankers have around 12 aircraft as a typical authorization, while most land-based fighter equipped units have an authorized number of 18 to … The 94 FS is one of the oldest units in the United States Air Force, first being organized on 20 August 1917 as the 94th Aero Squadron of the United States Army Air Service at Kelly Field, Texas. Define squadron.

The 94th is equipped with the F-22 Raptor. An armored cavalry unit subordinate to a regiment and consisting of two or more troops. Define fighter. n. 1. 3. Fighter Squadron is a weak film, except for its magnificent usage of actual combat footage.

The letter F, for fighting or fighter, was the key in identifying the type of squadron and was also used in the aircraft’s designation. Squadron definition is - a unit of military organization: such as. by AcronymAndSlang.com The squadron deployed to … What does Governmental & Military VMF stand for? How to use squadron in a sentence. No 3 (F) Squadron, which celebrated its 100th anniversary (as one of the three founder squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps) over the weekend of 11–13 May 2012, is unique in the RAF for having two official badges. 2. The No 18 Squadron, formed in 1965 with the motto 'Teevra aur Nirbhaya' meaning 'Swift and Fearless,' was earlier flying MiG 27 aircraft. The name alone marks a significant departure, as the other training squadrons in the 47th Operations Group are named flying, No 3 (F) Squadron of the Royal Air Force operates the Typhoon F2, FGR4 and T3 from RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire.

A naval unit smaller than a fleet. The 94th Fighter Squadron is a unit of the United States Air Force 1st Operations Group located at Joint Base Langley–Eustis, Virginia. The squadron was reassigned to Tyndall Air Force Base on Aug. 15, 1974, as the 95th Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron flying the T-33 Thunderbird.

3. a. Handwritten caption on reverse: '495 FG, 551 FS, P-47D Kokomo.' noun. (April 2018) The 25th Fighter Squadron is part of the US Air Force 's 51st Operations Group, 51st Fighter Wing, at Osan Air Base, South Korea. The VMF-323 meaning is Fixed wing Marine fighter squadron 323. n. 1. A squadron in air force, army aviation, or naval aviation is a unit comprising a number of military aircraft and their aircrews, usually of the same type, typically with 12 to 24 aircraft, sometimes divided into three or four flights, depending on aircraft type and air force. The Governmental & Military Acronym / Slang VMF-323 means... AcronymsAndSlang. It operates the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft conducting close air support missions. Fighter Attack Squadron; Fighter Attack Visual System; Fighter Aviation; Fighter Avionics/Cockpit Integration Predesign; Fighter Battle Management; Fighter bomber; The definition of VMF-323 by AcronymAndSlang.com The squadron was reassigned to Tyndall Air Force Base on Aug. 15, 1974, as the 95th Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron flying the T-33 Thunderbird. Hop on to get the meaning of VMF. A 22-minute ceremony marked the stand-up of the 434th Fighter Training Squadron and new horizons for Laughlin AFB to pursue. The squadron is the lowest level of command with a headquarters element (for example, a squadron commander, or squadron first sergeant).