Jace, Simon, and Clary met the Seelie Queen. (Seelie Queen turns into the child version of herself...) Seelie Queen: Please, Jonathan. But she'd want you to move on, to find someone else.

When we first saw the younger version of the character, we actually did start to give up on this a little bit and assume that this version of the character would be the one to stick around.

Simon tries to figure out what The Seelie Queen did to him during his time in the glade.

"Wait," Simon looked at Jonathan in surprise," did you and she-?" The game, he must fulfill the boy’s deepest desires, except it’s slightly more complicated than a kiss. What is going on here can be best described as the classic case of a love triangle, and of two people not wanting to say what is really on their mind. Shadowhunters Recap: So That's What the Seelie Queen Did to Simon's Face. Together, we will destroy the Shadowhunters and rule the earthly realm side by side. Simon Lewis: I know how much you're hurting. 4233 have watched this episode. Shadowhunters Recap: So That's What the Seelie Queen Did to Simon's Face. "I recall you found this one most pleasing."

"Not if you value your skin the way it is. " But not from you.// -seelie queen. By Andy Swift / March 27 2018, 5:59 PM PDT Courtesy of Freeform. ... (it was the Seelie Queen!) "Beside Still Waters" is the 20th episode of the show's seconds season. Seelie Queen: Simon is quite valiant and chivalrous, unlike any of the other night children I've come to known. You're all free to leave. Clary steals the rings but doesn't give them to the Queen because of the appearance of Jace and Sebastian at the library, all healthy looking and safe. On Shadowhunters this week, the squad is split into two groups as Jace, Clary, and Simon head to the Seelie court to meet with their queen, while Alec and Izzy stay behind to host the Downworlders for a meeting..

Maybe it was true what the Seelie Queen had said, after all: Love made you a liar.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes tags: alec-lightwood , change , clary-fray , dreams , jace-wayland , luke-garroway , magnus-bane , sadness , seelie-queen , simon-lewis 3 Seasons - 2016 - TV-14 - Drama Cast: Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario, Emeraude Toubia By Andy Swift / March 27 2018, 5:59 PM PDT Courtesy of Freeform. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with ‘Shadowhunters’ star Alberto Rosende about Simon and Clary’s life post-romance world, his relationship with Maia, the Seelie Queen… The queen looked art Jonathan.

After a devastating attack at The Institute, everyone is on high alert as the Shadowhunters close in on their hunt for Jonathan.

Actually, it’s a lot more complicated; not to mention a whole lot darker.

The Downworld leaders arrived at The Institute. Shadowhunters sneak peek: Simon crashes Jace and Clary's visit to the Seelie Queen this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. When we first heard that Sarah Hyland would be appearing on Shadowhunters season 2, we wondered if she’d be the Seelie Queen.