The multiple trips between New York and Europe took a toll on this wooden chest leaving evidence of its history as well, as making it that much more important to be restored. Q. The word Steamer is one of the most misused trunk descriptions. Louis Vuitton trunks can sell for 3,000 to over 20,000 dollars while a common dome style trunk may only sell for 75 to 150 dollars. In pristine condition, it may fetch as much as $400. The most important factor in determining the value of your antique trunk is rarity and style. However, it shouldn’t be falling apart. If the wood is decaying, with obvious mold or water damage, it’s time to move on. Step 2 Most steamer trunks have tin on the exterior and wood slats. How old is my trunk? History of a Steamer Trunk. An antique chest or trunk is usually defined as one that is at least 50 years old. A subspecies of the steamer, the wall trunk (a trunk that can be opened when flush against a wall) is a highly collectible item and can be sold for significantly more than a typical flat-top model. Scrape old paper from the inside of the steamer trunk with a putty knife and remove excess glue, using a spray bottle with water and vinegar mixture. This is a huge question, and impossible to answer without pictures of the trunk. This old antique chest had been used by my husband’s great-grandparents as they traveled back and forth between Italy and Staten Island. An “as-is” steamer trunk may sell from between $35 to $100. If your trunk is over a 100 years old, most will need a screw or too to secure a loose edge. The first thing I did was sand this whole bad boy down from top to bottom with a fine grit sponge and clean it really well with steel wool and warm vinegar water. Many of the vintage labels are still visible on the trunk. The majority of the trunks that people own today … Use a putty knife to remove old paper from the inside of a steamer trunk. A. However, I can narrow things down a bit. Although trunks have been in use for thousands of years, most antique trunks available have an age range of 50 to 200 years. Carrying the Past: Antique Trunks and Chests. Good old google searches and you tube came in handy. Like a house, you don’t want to buy a trunk with “bad bones”. Martin Maier (pictured to the left) and any trunks made of all wooden slats command a much higher value and can range from $500 to $3,000. With the help of “Antique Trunks and Chests” on You tube and a few local people I got the job done and had such a fun time learning this. How to Thrift a Vintage Steamer Trunk . See more ideas about Steamer trunk, Vintage trunks, Antique trunk. May 10, 2019 - Explore Marley Decker-Grace's board "Steamer Trunk", followed by 543 people on Pinterest.