‘These amazing sequences appear to be a seamless combination of miniature sets, superimposed floodwaters, and cutaways to stuntmen floundering on the backlot under a rushing wall of water at least nine feet high.’ A stunt is an unusual and difficult physical feat or an act requiring a special skill, performed for artistic purposes usually on television, theaters, or cinema. Define Stunt performer. Stunt performer synonyms, Stunt performer pronunciation, Stunt performer translation, English dictionary definition of Stunt performer.
a man who performs stunts, especially instead of an actor in a film or television programme a person who takes the place of an actor in film sequences involving eg athletic skill and danger. A person employed to take an actor's place in performing dangerous stunts. See more.

Before computer generated imagery special effects, these effects were limited to the use of models, false perspective and other in-camera effects, unless the creator could find someone willing to jump from car to car or hang from the edge of a skyscraper: the stunt performer or stunt double.
A stunt performer who stands in for the actor performing dangerous stunts on film and television. Stuntman definition, a man who substitutes for an actor in scenes requiring hazardous or acrobatic feats. Noun 1. stunt man - a … Stunts are a feature of many action films. stunt definition: 1. an exciting action, usually in a film, that is dangerous or appears dangerous and usually needs….

A stunt performer, often referred to as a stuntman or stuntwoman, is a trained professional who performs daring acts, often as a career. : a man who takes an actor's place during the filming of stunts and dangerous scenes for a movie or TV show Learn more. Stunt performers usually appear in films or on television, as opposed to a daredevil, who performs for a live audience.

n. a man who substitutes for an actor in scenes requiring stunts or hazardous feats. When they take the place of another actor, they are known as stunt doubles.