front salto to hang on low bar. Swing your legs to cast horizontal or a handstand. When you're a beginner gymnast you can't wait to swing, dangle and grasp the bars. Use your momentum to go around the bar in a hollow position without touching it. zHanging Leg Lifts- Either hanging from the uneven bars which allows a bit of swing or from a wall bar which eliminates the swinging and therefore makes the exercise more difficult. jump with half turn over low bar to hang on high bar. The uneven bars are perhaps the hardest gymnastics apparatus to master. Most gymnasts simply are not aggressive enough when first learning this skill.

zBarrel Glides- Hang onto the low bar, place your feet on a barrel. jump with half turn to kip on high bar.

jump with full turn to kip on low bar. The distance between the bars can be up to 150 cm. A gymnast requires great core and upper body strength, flexibility and an ability to swing with power. Begin with your hips in a front support on the bar. round-off, straddle flight to low bar.

free straddle jump over low bar to high bar.

Uneven Bars Drills and Skills The higher of the uneven bars is set around 228 cm, and the low bar is set around 148 cm. Extend your body as if … hecht jump with hand repulsion to high bar. Basic SKILLS 3/4 giant View an animation.

Whether you're training on the uneven or parallel bars, the same principles apply when you're starting out.