"Several attempts have been made over the years to have her involved with the school's activities, especially its track and field programme, but that has come to nought," added the principal. Jamaican Jobs online is Jamaica's best completely free job board.

Bellefield High School, located in Bellefield, Manchester, is perched on the lushly vegetated slopes of the Mocho Mountains, about 1.6 kilometers from Williamsfield and eight (8) kilometers from Mandeville via the Winston Jones Highway..

Ardenne High School is a prominent coeducational, first-to-sixth form secondary school located in St. Andrew, Jamaica.The institution is best known for its high academic standards, among the highest in the Caribbean, and for its achievements in the performing arts and several sports, most notably basketball and netball.The school's principal is Nadine Molloy.

The parish is well served by a number of outstanding High schools among them, Clarendon College, Vere Technical High School, Glenmuir High School, Knox College, and Edwin Allen High School.

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There was a certain amount of vacillation about its name, but eventually settled as Catherine Hall High School. Prospective Jamaican job seekers are then able to browse the web site and locate jobs that matches their skills and qualifications. Vere and Edwin Allen have produced a number of outstanding female athletes who have gone on to represent Jamaica at the international level. Mr. Ellis welcomed the response from students and Faculty Advisors at education institutions, such as St. Thomas Technical High School and Vere Technical High School.

In 1976, Herbert Morrison Comprehensive High School, on Alice Eldemire Drive, in Montego Bay, St. James, opened its doors to 540 students.

Forty years later and a slight adjustment to its name in the mid 1980s, the now Herbert Morrison Technical High School, which has 1,540 students on roll, has been steadily carving out its own space in the educational landscape of Jamaica. Jamaican employers and recruiters are able to post jobs along with its requirements.

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"The fact that the school only bears her name and that she made her mark at Rusea's High and Vere Technical may be the reason for that," she added.
The school was opened on September 13, 1976 as a secondary institution with J. L. Whinstanley as principal.

Students at Montego Bay High School via Youtube These latest results might come as a surprise to many and prove that no school can afford to take a lackadaisical approach to educating students.

Prominent schools that traditionally earned the best results in CSEC and CAPE are now being outperformed by others with less prestige.