Domo Arigato means 'thank you very much' in Japanese. The words ' domo arigato' mean 'thank you' in what language? Domo arigato may also refer to: Domo Arigato, a Japanese 3-D film "Dōmo arigatō" is one of several ways to express gratitude in Japanese. "Domo Arigato" … Arigato means “thank you” in Japanese. Domo arigato (どうもありがとう, Dōmo arigatō) (pronounced [do ːmo aɾi ɡatoː]) is a Japanese phrase meaning "Thanks a lot" or "Thank you very much".

Domo Arigato unknown a phrase in the Japanese language that means "thank you very much". Arigato is a japanese word that expresses thankfulness and can therefore be considered the japanese equivalent to "thank you". Made popular in Western culture by the 1983 hit "Mr. Roberto" (also known as " Kilroy Was Here ", "The Modern Man " and " Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto ") by the band Styx. I've heard it at least 5 times today.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, Mata ah-oo hima de Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, Himitsu wo shiri tai You're wondering who I am-machine or mannequin With parts made in Japan, I am the modren man The song is part of the Non-Japanese MISuse it regularly, because it actually means "there is a difficulty (in …

Roboto” by Styx, means “thank you very much.”

In the song, I guess the dude was just addressing a random guy named Mr.Roboto. People use it in conversation. The phrase domo arigato, popularized in the West in the song “Mr. "Domo arigato" means "Thank you" in japanese.