Cid and Barret also don't have much in terms of the Compilation, but Barret is significant throughout the game while Cid has bits of Disc 1 and is quite important in Disc 2. (Geo) Cait Sith started as a simple fortune teller at Gold Saucer. It normally lives as a cat a travels back and forth between the Cat Kingdom and the human world. I think he disapeared after I visited thunder plains but not sure. A woman in moonflow sells it for a bit more (i think 5000 more) but no magic bonus. The Cait Sith's castle-like capital of Freelia is bordered by the Pooka territory on the north and the Sylph territory on the south. He must have gotten pretty sick of that job, since he went with Cloud and co mere minutes after meeting them. Oaka used to be in this shop in guadosalami but now he's gone. I'm playing a NSGNSNCNONENNENBB challenge and i need the fatal cait sith with deathtouch and magic +5%. Additionally, given both Cait Sith and the Moogle are both artificial beings, outside the Planet's cycle of life and death, they don't have Spirit Energy to empower attacks like the rest of the team, despite the being granted life by Reeve's Inspire ability. Witnessing Aerith’s death, Cait Sith’s instinct is to dance as a means to distract the party. Cat fairy family) are one of the nine races in «ALfheim Online». The Cait Sith can converse in human tongues and walk on two legs, making no sound as it moves. (Ender) Well actually, it was because Cait was a spy for the Turks whom were using him to get the drop on AVALANCHE. The Cait Sith (猫妖精族(ケットシー), Kettoshī, lit. Certainly very tactless, but he quickly stops, acknowledges Cloud, and sadly walks away. Cait Sith appears to be quite the jolly and talkative fellow. The Cait Sith appears in Irish and Scottish legends and served as the model for Puss-in-Boots. Cait Sith (also called Panther) is an enemy encountered in the Lodestone Cavern, and forests near Troia and Mythril.It uses Blaster to paralyze or instantly kill a party member. In the 3D versions, Cait Sith poses the same threat, and it is often better to run from them until Cecil can equip Holy weapons. The Cait Sith originate from the West and own Butterfly Valley, one of the three large pathways to the World Tree. Rumor has it that Cait Sith's body is purely artificial, and that his real one lies in an unknown location. Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit It has a white star-shaped mark on its chest. Because Cait Sith and Red XIII are not as vital to the expanded universe as the others. Hell after Disc 1 I don't think Red does anything somebody else couldn't have. However, this black cat who sits atop a giant moogle is more serious than he lets on, and is apparently working toward some secret goal. I've been playing 30 hours (stealing) and don't want to start again.