Congrats. Bosses: Antenora (2) Optional Bosses: None Leave Quartly from the South Side (Desert side). Wild Arms Optional Boss Locations & Guide.

Beat Boss… The Plant is South East at the edge of the Desert.

The graphics in this game are fully 3-D with huge bosses, but the story is a little thin. Boss #57: Ghost: The Remaining Poltergeist Hp: Roughly 60,000 at my closest estimate Location: Fiery Wreckage Strategy: Easy as pie, … The one-time dungeons in this game don't have chests, so you don't have to worry about missing items in this game.

Bosses: Sealed Monsters. To reach this dungeon you'll need to pound the ground of an Elw Pyramid and then jump on the teleporter as the screen is shaking.

Some monsters are missable but those monsters are in one-time dungeons. There are many optional bosses in Wild Arms, they're scattered throughout the world in optional dungeons, 'random' encounters or triggered by a unique item in your inventory.

:(Location 22: Urartu Station Requirement: After completing Alchemic Plant Bosses: Caina (1), Kanon (2) Optional Bosses: None Wild Arms (ワイルドアームズ, Wairudo Āmuzu), also written as Wild ARMs, is a media franchise developed by Media.Vision and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment.The franchise consists of several role-playing video games and related media. Beat Boss: Reguleus 2. Aside from the traditional turn-based fighting, Wild Arms 2 throws in a bit of action, and characters get weapons that they can use to solve puzzles. If you want a complete Monster Album, just make sure to kill every kind of monster in one-time dungeons. Wild Arms 2 Pyramid Boss Strategy Guide . The hardest dungeon in Wild Arms, which contains the hardest boss (even harder than the end boss) is The Abyss. Before coming to this dungeon you should have two tools, Rudy's Power Glove and Jack's Guitar.

Wild ARMs 2 Playthrough Part 18 Things I did in this playthrough part: 1. Hard to spot. There are no missable items in Wild ARMs 2. You have defeated the final boss in Wild Arms 2. 777777777777777 HHHHH 7th moon dosen't have anything 777777777777777 HHHHH to … Wild Arms 2, known in Japan as Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition (ワイルドアームズ セカンドイグニッション, Wairudo Āmuzu Sekando Igunisshon), is a role-playing video game, and the second installment in the Wild Arms series, developed by Media.Vision and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Most of these optional bosses are pretty tough, a few of them (like Barbados & Leviathan) are complete push overs though. by Kilgamesh Updated to v4.0 on Sep 28, 2000.