The Congregation of Jesus & Mary ‘Be united in your convictions and united in your love, with a common purpose and a common mind…’ Red Book, 2010:18. We were founded by Mary Ward in 1609 as an institute of, unenclosed, apostolic religious women.
Although remaining in force in the Congregation until the 1792 dispersal by government decree, the Constitutions had never been printed. Thévenet had survived the siege of her native city by the forces of the French Revolution, seeing two of her brothers executed before her eyes in 1794.

We are an international congregation of just under 2,000 sisters in twenty-four countries spread over four continents. Home » Congregation of the Religious of Jesus & Mary CLAUDINE THÉVENET was born in Lyon on 30th March 1774, the second of a family of seven children. This Region is spread across Southern parts of India, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra. The Congregation of Jesus and Mary was instituted at Caen, in Normandy, France, on 25 March 1643 by Saint Jean Eudes, exemplar of the French school of spirituality.The principal works of the Congregation are the education of priests in seminaries and the giving of missions.

The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is an international Catholic religious community dedicated to contemplate, live and proclaim the compassionate love of God in …

How Good God Is!

Bangalore Region was erected on 30th January 2010. (St. Claudine's Last Words) The Religious of Jesus and Mary is an international congregation of Catholic sisters who have worked in the service of the Gospel in Ireland since 1912.

The Bar Convent.

“Glady” as she was affectionately known had a strong influence on her brothers and sisters, thanks to her goodness, gentleness and self-forgetfulness in the desire to make others happy. The members of this Region are mainly engaged in Education and Propagation of Faith ( pastoral ministry). Committed to the apostolic call and charism of St.Claudine Thévenet, who founded the Congregation …

After Mary Ward’s death, and despite the suppression of the order she had founded, some of her companions opened a school and community in York in 1686. The English province of the Congregation of Jesus has its roots in the Bar Convent, York. Foundress of the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary “God has chosen you, answer His call!” These words which Father Coindre addressed to Claudine Thévenet on … A summary, comprising twenty seven articles, was drawn up in 1722 and was titled: “Constitutions of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary” (Acts of … Mary Ward. Our international centre is in Rome. THE FOUNDATION. Congregation of Jesus is an International Congregation founded by Mary Ward in the year 1609.