keep on synonyms, keep on pronunciation, keep on translation, English dictionary definition of keep on. vb 1. to continue or persist in : keep on running. 1 0 0 1 13. Skip the traditional chapel and instead have your ceremony in a helicopter while soaring above the area. Soaring definition, the sport of flying a sailplane. soar definition: 1. to rise very quickly to a high level: 2. to reach a great height: 3. What are synonyms for soaring? ... Just because the temperatures are soaring doesn’t mean you have to sport the same old shorts and t-shirt uniform. God will lift us up and help us to keep going.

Besides genetics, factors that keep most eastern old growth from soaring to the skies are thin, rocky soils and frequent hurricanes, windstorms, and ice storms. Obviously, they've never seen the champion, festooned with hundreds of air plants and mistletoe and soaring to 55 feet with a … I have always wanted to know that. I need your help with the following slogan: Keep soaring! Learn more. How do you use soaring in a sentence? This is proof that the book and the move has taken a toll on me. April 18, 2013. Synonyms for soaring at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. See more. 0. Keep Soaring. I cannot believe it has taken me over eight months to post my son’s 3rd birthday party from August 11, 2012. I have never lived anywhere near a mountain. AIDEN’S “KEEP SOARING HIGH” 3RD BDAY PARTY. 0. soar: [verb] to fly aloft or about. 0. From its place in the heavens, the Eagle Spirit Animal can watch over us as a guardian, bear messages to and from the Divine, inspire insight, manifest well-being, and offer us wisdom.
I just saw a bald eagle soaring across the sky in Hamburg, NY (right over Route 5) it was so beautiful, it took my breath away.

2. to continue to wear 3. to continue to employ: the firm kept on only ten men. What is the definition of soaring? Some of this symbolism and meaning has to do with ancient lore regarding the Eagle flying so close to the sun.

A. azry Senior Member. 0. Define keep on. There is a basic meaning,but what is the real meaning and what kind of passion should one have to "soar high''? Thank you!!

(of a bird or aircraft….

This Site Might Help You. J. JillN Senior Member. to sail or hover in the air often at a great height : glide. Find descriptive alternatives for soaring.

Treble recorder, soaring solo and some volcanic drumming keep it top of your pops ! These birds show us that just because it is the shortest path doesn’t mean it is the best path. In my life I have lived in Kansas, and the gulf shores of Texas. Texas/Oregon. 0. What is the meaning of soaring? This is the 2nd time I’ve experienced this. RE: What does it really mean to soar high?

USA - English Feb 27, 2014 #2 Sigue volando Does that sound like a drug reference?

The soaring of an Eagle inspires awe. to fly without engine power and without loss of altitude. 0. Context: Airlines advertisement My try: Manténte alto What do you think?