To calculate medals per capita, the number of medals won by a country is divided by the total population of that country. DEFINITION: All-time Winter Games medal standings, according to The Golden Book of the Olympic Games.

As the following numbers from the website Medals Per Capita illustrate, the U.S. can boast only one medal per 16 million Americans, while Norway has one per a mere 280,000 Norwegians. So it is useful to look at medals won by metros on a per capita basis. National medal standings for the Winter … The bar chart shows medals o… While Norway won the most medals, Liechtenstein did the best per capita. Finland tops podium for most Olympic medals won per capita ... Finland has won the most medals at the Summer Olympics per population per contested games followed by … How Australia, New Zealand and KOSOVO are the real dominant forces in the Olympics: Map shows countries with the most medals per capita. Although countries like Germany and the US won most medals at the 2018 Winter Games, their large population ensured they ranked lower than most countries that won fewer medals.
In data collected by Thunderbomb Surf, pulled from census data and the official U.S. Olympics site, a graph was compiled of the states with the most Olympians per capita … The result obtained is multiplied by one million. Medal counts include figure skating medals (1908 and '20) and hockey medals (1920) awarded at the Summer Games. The tiny country with only 37,340 people won one medal. I have medals per capita metric on the Y-axis and GDP per capita on the X-axis. The 2018 Winter Games kicked off last night, and in celebration, here's a Tableau visualization that I put together showing which countries have won the most Winter Olympic Medals PER CITIZEN since the 2002 games. The U.S. Cities With the Most Olympic Medals.

The second map charts the medals per 100,000 for U.S. metros. The c Medals per capita, GDP: Ranking the real Olympic superpowers Over the past two weeks, the medal table has told us which countries are leading the battle for Olympic supremacy.