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This device prevents static buildup by tethering you directly to your computer so the charge is shared, and discharging cannot occur. How to properly ground a computer? 6 Wear an anti-static strap or wristband. You can touch anything metal on the... 2) It doesn't matter what you place it on as long as your comfortable working there and you ground yourself out first. Work on a hard surface. As you may already know the current that you get from touching computer's body is due to lack of proper earthing.
All you need to ground your computer is a USB port on your computer and this cord. When working with computers, the most ideal way to ground yourself is to touch the exterior metal box of your computer's power supply before unplugging the machine. A table, countertop, or a plank of wood will work fine.

Everyone has gone through the moment when they touched their (or someone else's) desktop computer and got shocked, literally. Shielding Apron. Plug it in and your computer is grounded (and so are you when you touch it!) For more safety devices to use while on your computer, check out these items: Laptop Shielding Case. Your computer should never be placed on a surface such as carpet, a blanket, or a towel when performing any action that requires you to ground yourself. Cotton fabrics work well, like jeans … 1) When you plug the power supply into the wall outlet you are grounding the PC. Every component uses it's outer body as an internal earthing.

Assemble or take apart computers on a clean, hard surface to minimize static buildup. Cell Phone Shielding Case. Wear low-static clothes that don't crackle or cling in dry weather.