The Titanic II, a replica of the ill-fated ship that sank in the Atlantic, will set sail on the same journey in 2022. The Titanic II is set to make its two-week maiden voyage in 2022, and construction of the replica recently resumed after a financial dispute held up the $500 million project for several years. The maiden voyage is schedule in 2022. The Titanic is to set sail in 2022. The Titanic II, a replica of the original “ship of dreams,” will be setting sail in 2022, following the same Southampton, England, to New York route the famed Titanic tried in 1912.

Image: Blue Star Line After that, Titanic II will make a grand voyage from Dubai to Southampton .

Titanic II ship tickets rates / Titanic 2 ship tickets are not announced yet. ... Blue Star Line is to put Titanic II into service on the London/New York route across the Atlantic. The new Titanic will be almost exactly the same size as the ship that inspired it. A replica of the ill-fated ship Titanic is set to sail in 2022, following the same route as the original ship, while boasting of an "authentic Titanic experience.” A replica of the doomed 1912 ship - Titanic II - will set sail from Southampton in 2022 and will head to New York. A replica of the Titanic could embark on its maiden voyage by 2022 and eventually follow its doomed predecessor's original route from Southampton to New York, the company behind the "Titanic …

Jump directly to the content The Sun, A News UK Company Close The $500 million vessel, dubbed Titanic II, features the original cabin layout and will sail from Dubai to Southampton, England and then on to New York in 2022…

RMS Titanic was a passenger liner that attracted some of the richest people in the world to sail on it. The new Titanic to set to make its two-week maiden voyage from Dubai in 2022.

We didn’t hear anything from Clive Palmer, the Australian billionaire who first announced about Titanic II ship in New York’s luxurious hotel. Updates on August 25, 2018.

By 2022, a new ship modeled after the Titanic could set sail for 2,400 passengers, thanks to Australian businessman Clive Palmer, who shelled out $500 million for the project. It was originally slated to set sail in 2016, but financial issues delayed the departure first until 2018, and again until 2022. Titanic II/Facebook.