DNB potential for estimating surface PM2.5 is shown qualitatively and quantitatively! VIIRS Day/Night Band (DNB) is much more sensitive to aerosols than to water vapor! VIIRS has 22 spectral bands ranging from 412 nm to 12 um.

There are 16 moderate-resolution bands (750m at nadir), 5 image-resolution bands (375m), and one day-night band (DNB).

For VIIRS bands M-4, M-5, and M-7, MODIS matching bands used for comparison over desert (MODIS land bands 4, 1, and 2) are different from ocean (MODIS ocean bands 12, 13, and 16). MODIS Aqua satellite (EOS -AM):-Started in May, 2002-Overpass time: 13:30 + 01:30 . Date of VIIRS acquisition. Acq_Time Acquisition Time Time of acquisition/overpass of the satellite (in UTC).

S-NPP is the initial spacecraft in this series, and VIIRS is the successor to MODIS for Earth science data product generation. Satellite Satellite N= Suomi-National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) Confidence Confidence This value is based on a collection of intermediate algorithm quantities used in the detection process.

Modeling of outdoor light transfer in nighttime atmosphere for VIIRS DNB! With a 3000 km swath width and nearly constant resolution from nadir to limb, VIIRS imagery will be a tremendous resource for operational forecasters.

NPP is a polar orbiting satellite with an orbit similar to Aqua, (VIIRS is on one satellite compared to MODIS which is on both Aqua and Terra) MODIS Terra satellite (EOS -AM):-Started in December, 1999-Overpass time: 10:30 + 22:30 .

NPOESS will have three specific improvements that promise to make polar images popular again among forecasters.

PM2.5 at VIIRS night overpass time is much closer to daily-mean PM2.5 than at daytime! 1 VIIRS Radiometric Calibration for Reflective Solar Bands: Antarctic Dome C Site and Simultaneous Nadir Overpass Observations Slawomir Blonski,* Changyong Cao, Sirish Uprety,** and Xi Shao * NOAA NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research

A time series of VIIRS bias relative to MODIS is established using low-latitude extended SNO to quantify the VIIRS radiometric performance. DATA Overview Search & Download Methods ... Level-3 Time Series Plotter Overpass Predictor Other Resources Help How to Cite OceanColor Forum. As bands allow, SPoRT will add VIIRS data to the suite of MODIS/GOES hybrid and RGB products. solar local time.

Aquarius CZCS GOCI HICO MERIS MODIS-Aqua MODIS-Terra OCTS OLCI-S3A OLCI-S3B PACE SeaWiFS VIIRS-JPSS1 VIIRS-SNPP Projects SeaHawk Science Support CORAL-PRISM Help OceanColor Forum. The VIIRS/NPP Day/Night Band 6-Min L1B Swath 750m is generated from the processing of 6 minutes of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) data acquired during the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) satellite overpass.