The color range is quite limited, but I would show how this limited palette is able to offer a good range of colors when mixed. Official website for M. Graham & Co. fine paints. M.Graham Watercolours - Phthalo Green, Viridian (not shown), Phthalo Green Yellow Shade, Cobalt Green, Permanent Green Light. Robin Weiss is a plein air oil painter and teacher at The Knowles Studio in Poulsbo, Washington who uses M. Graham oil color for his landscape paintings. M. Graham watercolors are made with Northwest blackberry honey, recalling the practice of early artists who drew from nature for their materials as well as their subjects.

Naphthol Red 120 Watercolor Paint. M.Graham Watercolours - Prussian Blue, Phthalo Blue, Manganese Blue Hue, Cobalt Teal, Turquoise. According to known sources, M Graham’s watercolor paints … Although his Pacific Northwest scenes contain a lot of gray, he strives to bring a vibrancy to his work. Naphthol Red 120 is a primary red close to Cadmium Red Light in masstone with … … This set contains Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, and Azo Yellow. The tubes in this box set are ½ ounce tubes; the Hues are namely, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Azo Yellow or Aureolin, Sap Green and Burnt Sienna. This traditional base creates willing watercolors ready for your brush and yields even, fluid washes. M.Graham Viridian is one of the stronger versions of this often weaker or more gentle pigment. The basic box set comes with 3 Primary colors, a green and a brown. Alive with strength and intensity, M. Graham watercolors are a blend of pigment, pure gum arabic and natural blackberry honey.