Zoho Creator help guides, documentation, webinars, ebooks, and more. Upon successful integration, the following functionalities will be enabled in your help desk account: Call your customers within Zoho Desk using ClicktoCall functionality. Equip customers so they can find answers to questions on their own and help their peers in the true spirit of a community. With Zoho Desk, identify the right trends and patterns in your team's efforts, make improvements, and inspire better performance. Introduction Zoho Desk introduces the PhoneBridge API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate your PBX (Private Branch eXchange) system with Zoho Desk.

Check for the record received from Zoho Desk via the custom function in your application. It is similar to Google's Play Store, where you find apps for installation and use, according to your need. All …

Introduction A webhook is an HTTP callback that pushes event information to a server endpoint.
Get started! At Zoho Desk, we believe in delivering good user experiences and making already good experiences better. Embed all the components of your Help Center into your mobile app and website using ASAP SDKs. Zoho Desk is an on-demand helpdesk software used to support your customers. In that vein, stepping into Zoho Marketplace is an effort towards achieving the latter goal.Zoho Marketplace is an online store where users can find extensions that deliver business value by enhancing the core functionality of the Zoho product they use.

You can receive any number of events through a single callback URL. In the case of Zoho Desk, a webhook pushes relevant information to the callback URL whenever an event, such as adding a ticket or updating a contact, occurs in the help desk. Use Zoho Desk's powerful SDKs for iOS and Android to build custom mobile apps. Refer to the variety of documentations for Zoho CRM to learn, understand, and master the product. Self-help is the best help. All Zoho Desk APIs require these two mandatory fields in the header. Authorization - Authentication request token; orgId-ID of the organization to access. Modify your custom function code in Zoho Desk, if the record wasn't received or there was a mismatch in your application. iOS SDK Android SDK. You must add a record in Zoho Desk according to your workflow rule criteria. Get instant answers to the most common questions and learn how to use the help desk system like a pro. Embeddable Self-service.