These are: The following facial expressions are characteristic of these seven basic emotions throughout the world: Surprise: Disgust: Contempt: Fear: Joy: Sadness: Anger: The Passion and Reason 15. The 8 Core Emotions September 12, 2013 We have published several posts in the past few months with the direct objective of helping families and loved ones navigate the newly arrived at world of addiction and substance abuse. The ancient Chinese thinkers determined, that desires and passions, are the main obstacle to true accomplishment of a human life. The 7 human emotions are considered, in Chinese medicine, as the main cause of illness and cause of weakness, leading to diseases.. Start studying The 10 Basic Emotions. Fear ensures our survival by making us aware we are in danger.

By Mike Murr. The book Passion and Reason provides clear definitions and descriptions of 15 separate emotions. The 7 Universal Facial Expressions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The 8 basic emotions are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Surprise, Anticipation, Anger and Trust. For example, the basic emotion of “Anger” can be recognized by this picture all around the world, no matter what age, religion or gender you are, or what language you speak. Three Mistakes People Make about the 7 Basic Emotions. The tribe members were able to identify these six emotions on the pictures: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happines, Sadness, Surprise. Human beings have seven basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt, and surprise. 2. Below are seven basic emotions that are hardwired in our brains and show up on our faces. It releases adrenaline, and triggers our fight vs. flight There are different models of which are the basic ones, this comes from a scientist named Robert Plutchik, who also created a Wheel of Emotions to illustrate these 8 emotions in a compelling way. ANGER FEAR 7 Basic Emotions Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. There are 8 basic emotions – and countless variations and nuances of those. It is widely supported within the scientific community that there are seven basic emotions, each with their own unique and distinctive facial expressions. Six Basic Emotions is a term that refers to the theory of American psychologists Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Friesen. An emotion is a basic emotion if it has been scientifically demonstrated to be expressed and recognized the same by all cultures.

They identified six basic emotions based on studying the isolated culture of people from the Fori tribe in Papua New Guinea in 1972. Of all the human emotions we experience, there are seven universal emotions that we all feel, transcending language, regional, cultural, and ethnic differences . Basic emotions are emotions that have been scientifically proven to have a certain facial expression associated with it. Each of the universal emotions has distinctive signals, physiologies and timelines. Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Anger, Contempt and Surprise. The 7 Human Emotions in Chinese Medicine What are the 7 human emotions?