I've the orignal discs somewhere, but no Ps1.
This was a personal request from one of my friend since I started this project and since I always liked this enemy I … User Info: Jeff Zero. PC and PS4 are my gaming options right now but i don't know what the best way of playing it nowadays is, anyone got a suggestion? ... is there any way to play it on PC, with an emulator or something like that? Jeff Zero 8 years ago #2.

On PS3, if you're playing it on an HDTV it will look like garbage. What is the best way in your opinion? I want to play it and understand why do they consider it one of the best JRPGs of all time! Best way to give Xenogears a go nowadays? news media can only be balanced by reporting both highly charged sides on a subject). As to the second question, I'd say "balanced" is a fair word to use, at least in the sense of its contemporary use in our highly polarized world (e.g. thanks! There's an emulator mod that allows the user to adjust text speed, but I've never tried it. What's the plan? r/XenoGears: Subreddit for the greatest game ever made. The best anime buffet JRPG ever made. Yes. Really? save hide report. A few. share. Emulation on computer is pretty meh. 100% Upvoted. How awesome it is to stumble upon this subreddit devoted to the most amazing and life-changing game I ever played. If you're playing on an emulator and don't mind scumming save-states for an annoying minigame, play Speed when you get to Thames. been itching to give it a go recently - its been probably 10 years since i've played. What is this? :D. 12 comments. ". This would only be true if you still have an old CRT TV. How many ways are there to replay/play Xenogears?
Because it came out 20 years ago and we're all old and bitter.

Best way to play Xenogears on a PC (girlfriend is interested) Hi All! Here's my take on one of the must infamous bosses in Xenogears: Redrum. There is Bleemcast. But make sure you go back to explore it during Disc 2 for the best gear shop in the game, some nice items, and some important character development (head into the buildings on foot, there's a manhole as well). The PSP version will look the best because you can run it unscaled. This thread is archived. Hey! Does it bring out the graphics/play better? Plugging it into anything else it will look very ugly.

1.) For Xenogears on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best way to play this game? 2.) This gives us joy. I can't really speak to the first question. Howdy. The best way is to play it off the disc on a Playstation/PSOne. Why do you want to replay it now?