The levels, recreation, go from level 8 - 1 then bronze, silver, gold. Officials categorize skills and rate them according to difficulty using a letter system, where A is … Levels 7, 8 and 9 are part of the optional segment of gymnastic levels.

National 4 -1 (8 - 5) Regional 6 - 1 (14 - 9)

I’m 10 years old and I have been doing acrobatic gymnastics ‍♂️ for 8 years (5 hours a week) I do acro dance for 8 years as well and stunt 6 years. - Grades vs Levels? Well Done everyone! However, when searching around on google, figured out that the British do it slightly differently.

There are three grading systems, Compulsory, National, and regional. I am 12 years old and I am an elite gymnast, I started gymnastic when I was 3 and since then I have been inseparable from it!

I am level 7 gymnast ‍♂️ and level 8 acro dancer .

What a great competition today! I am extremely flexible and right now I am doing artistic gymnastics, by now your probably getting bored so take this quiz to determine what level you are in gymnastics! Compulsory - 5 -1 then Espoir (or International grade) the Espoir also have levels. - Regional vs National vs Elite system? Starting at level 8 up to level 1 and then onto the more advaced Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. The gymnast performs her own choreography at these levels. I completed the US Gymnastics system where you complete levels 1-10 and then its elite. The British Gymnastics Award Schemes provide the foundation for teaching high quality gymnastics in a fun, friendly & progressive way. Here is what I want to know.

Competitive gymnastics use grades, now it becomes complicated.

Ok, so I have a few questions about the UK Gymnastics system. UKG National Championships Level 8 Round 2 Completed. Level 7 through Level 10 skills are minimal. UK Gymnastics Proficiency Level 8 Award: Includes Badge & Certificate. UK Gymnastics Proficiency Level 8 Award £2.00 UK Gymnastics Proficiency Level 7 Award £2.00 UK Gymnastics Proficiency Level 6 Award Out of stock

Almost 500k badges are sold each year for the British Gymnastics Award Schemes and they are continuing to provide Clubs, Schools & Leisure Centres with a source of income whilst encouraging and motivating children to progress to a higher level. As well as learning skills on asymetric bars, beam, floor, vault and aitrtack, gymnasts attending our classes also work through the British Gymnastics proficiency award scheme.