MoldStar ® 90 Plate Stock Nominal Approx. Range 1/2 inch thick - .620 to .627 1 inch thick - 1.10 to 1.11 1-1/2 in. It would take something really impressive to make me … In addition, the material is stocked in round rod, rectangular bar and plate. MoldStar ® 150 thick - 2.67 to 2.68 3 inch thick - 3.11 to 3.14 4 inch thick - 4.10 to 4.11 5 inch thick - 5.12 to 5.14 Plate cut …

email:; Call us directly at 1-800-272-3031 or 262-255-6662; Or fax us at 262-255-3655; Using MasterCam for electronic design data, converts most any format; Cliff Moberg Performance Mold Products, President Performance Alloys & Services, President: SITE INDEX Posts: 90 Joined: Thu Jul 24, 2008 9:37 pm Location: Re: Moldstar90 valve guides vs. bronze. MoldStar Products and Services. pas/moldstar alloy numbers 18, 21, 22, 954, 97, 959, c18000, moldmate 90, moldstar ™ 90 & moldstar™150: m03-191e all of our alloys are free of beryllium (a) as shown on shipping/promotional documents .

TURN & BORE: CARBIDE INSERT . MoldStar ® 150 & MoldStar ® 90 Alloys Machining Recommendations. thk 1.575 Actual 2 inch thick 2.165 Actual 2-1/2 in. MoldStar ® 90 is currently availability in a full range of sizes of Round Bar & Plate. 9/3 D - 78549 Spaichingen Fon: +49 7424-95842-3 Fax: +49 7424-95842-55 E-Mail: MoldStar ® 150 is available in a full range of sizes and forms and can be produced in cast or wrought forms to customer requirements. MoldStar ® 90 Plate Stock.

pages one through eleven of the following material safety data sheets m03-191, revision e, provide information for elements combined with copper to make specific alloys.

Being Beryllium-Free means economical, mechanical and environmental advantages. Proven to be beneficial as Injection and Blow Mold fabrication materials. Post by StanJ » Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:28 pm I've used Claude's valve guides, seats, and retainers in our high-end cylinder head assemblies for years with no failures whatsoever that could be attributed to the quality of those components. QUALITY RAW MATERIALS.

CORE AND CAVITY FABRICATION MATERIAL MoldStar ® 150 and MoldStar ® 90 Beryllium-Free Copper Alloys that is supplied by Performance Alloys ®. The longer the MoldStar®90 … KauPo Plankenhorn e.K. Applications have shown that MoldStar®90 materials form a microscopic surface layer of super hard "nickel-silicides" that is the result of heat and impact during the operation of the valve train.

1/2 inch thick.591 Actual 1 inch thick 1.181 Actual 1-1/2 in. MoldStar®90 Wear Resistance against Coated Valve Seat Faces and Stems: MoldStar®90 has proven to be the material of choice in combination with ANY of the surface treatments currently being used or offered in the market.