Mercy Robes brings you the finest quality Church robes & accessories. Account; Login; Signup; Checkout; FREE SHIPPING! To ... Sale! Pectoral Cross-cords illustrated by 55 images. Presenting bishop pectoral cross in stock and ready for shipping today online. Shop bishop pectoral cross available for purchasing right now online. Its colour is indicative of the rank, status and affiliation. Find bishop pectoral cross for sale here online. Shop lots of Bishop Pectoral Cross in stock now. Toy Collectibles, Americana Collectibles, Ceramic Collectibles. Collectibles For Everything. Reviews: Write a Review. Login; View Cart 0; View Cart 0.

Canterbury Bishop Cross (Gold Plate, Amethyst) $ 720.00 $ 648.00 Add to cart; Sale! Canterbury Pectoral Cross (Silver, Amethyst) $ 595.00 $ 535.50 Add to cart; Sale!

A manufacturer company of Bishop's Pectoral Crosses, what is Bishop's Pectoral Crosses, Bishop's Pectoral Crosses gifts, Bishop's Pectoral Crosses gift Bishop rings and pectoral crosses ready to ship at Suit Avenue. Since 1979 providing churches with baptistries, steeples, pews, kneelers, cushions, altar candles, paschal candles, candlesticks, tabernacles, offering boxes, baptistry heaters and more! For the Bishop; Pectoral Crosses ; Pectoral Cross with Amethyst Stones - 500; Pectoral Cross with Amethyst Stones - 500.

PRODUCT CATEGORY: Bishop Supplies - Pectoral Crosses || FREE SHIPPING on UPS orders over $150 - Easy Secure Ordering. or Add To Wishlist. $125.00. SKU: PC-500 Shipping: Calculated at checkout : * Choose a Metal: Quantity: Add To Cart. Solid Sterling Silver and Gold Plated. The cord holding the cross in place is woven with golden string. We offer an extensive selection of the finest fabric in exquisite designs. Collectible Vinyl; Mechanical Bank ; Pez; Diecast; Americana; Vintage Ukulele; Search Bishop Pectoral Cross. We have a great selection of apostle rings, bishop amethyst crosses, apostle pectoral cross, and clergy jewelry at the most reasonable prices. Pectoral cross designs based on ancient historical designs. The Pope, the cardinals, bishops and other prelates, as well as clergymen (abbots, provincials, ...) wear their pectoral cross on top of their choir cassocks.