Antique Trunk 30. ANTIQUE TRUNK AND SUITCASE PARTS FOR SALE STEAMER TRUNK and STAGE COACH TRUNK PARTS FOR SALE LUGGAGE REPAIR PARTS FOR SALE We sell many types of steamer trunk, suitcase, valise, luggage, and box parts, and we also provide information about how to properly attach them to your project. Stagecoach History "Typical stage of the Concord type used by express companies on the overland trails. History & Styles. They are most commonly used for extended periods away from home, such as for boarding school, or long trips abroad.Trunks are differentiated from chests by their more rugged construction due to their intended use as luggage, instead of the latter's pure storage.

or cowhides date back to the 1700's. Join us as we visit a Belding husband and wife team who create old world stagecoach trunks "one trunk at a time" by hand. Over the past thirty eight years, I have searched for more information on the history of trunks and for accurate information about trunk styles. John Silas, Pioneer Stage and Rail Man ; CONCORD STAGECOACHES The first Concord stagecoach was built in … Midland historian Jack Scannell wrote in the West Texas Historical Association’s 1971 Yearbook that: “Where the stagecoach led, the rails followed, and with the rails came settlers, new businesses, and prosperity. This provided much needed protection from water, humidity and temperature.

by Millie Bradshaw. Today, given the weight limitations on airplanes and the new, lightweight wheeled luggage available, most people use these old trunks as furniture—chests for storing things like blankets, linens, papers, and other memorabilia. I travel for travel’s sake. Early Storage. The glue that was used (wheat paste) is water soluble and will soften when the water is applied.Do not soak the inside of the trunk, as it will cause serious warping issues.
Lightly spray water or use a sponge to dampen the paper on the inside of the trunk. Each coach used for parades is an authentic, Wells Fargo approved reproduction, pulled by a specially trained team of horses, guided by an experienced driver. Furniture - Chests & Trunks - 1800-1899 Category List of Antiques, With Information and Images (Page 1) The top would have contained ample padding to make it comfortable for a long ride travelling down uneven roads.

FOR SALE! Many were quite elaborate inside and out. Buffalo Soldiers guard from atop, ca. In January 2010 Caerphilly County Borough Council sold its 33 bus Islwyn Borough Transport subsidiary to Stagecoach. 1869." [Picture from the Library of Congress] BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CONCORD COACH - TRAVEL DIARIES-- STAGECOACH DECORUM PONY EXPRESS Capt. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson . In 2008 the outstation at Bulwark, Chepstow was closed. The trunk is referred to as a stagecoach trunk because it was often used as a seat when traveling. Some also refer to these trunks as "stagecoach" trunks as they were also used for stagecoach travel. A trunk, also known as a travel trunk, is a large cuboid container designed to hold clothes and other personal belongings. There is little known about antique trunk history when compared to most antiques. Antique trunks, also called traveling chests, were originally used as luggage for extended trips by stagecoach, train, or steamship. Find great deals on eBay for antique stagecoach trunk. There were many manufactures and types of trunks being made in there heyday. By the late 1700's these hide trunks . Antique Brown Childs Stagecoach Trunk 5 photo. became a little more decorative .