Submit your cheats for Suikoden V using our cheats submission form and we'll post it up in Suikoden Card, In †Suikoden V’, character recruitment often requires certain steps to be taken before people will join and most Window Set 5, Pent Tactic, Old Book 6.

Recruitment Guide. Recruit- ----- Introduction ----- This Guide is meant as a quick and easy method to recruit all 108 Stars without having to potentially spoil oneself in a guide. I've searched through a ton of threads looking for this, along with the links in the sidebar and I only found one guide - that's on suikosource, but it spoils what I assume are two of the biggest plot points in the whole game in the first couple lines - so that was awesome to read 5 hours into my first playthrough of the game. But I do have Suikoden V 108 Stars of Destiny Guide and a Suikoden Tierkreis 108 Stars List.

I have tried to put it in order as the earliest time to get each character. This is the complete list of all recruitable characters in Suikoden IV. Other Boris - During the … SUIKODEN 4 CHARACTER GUIDE LIST VERSION 1.0 By: Bahmat([email protected]) ===== Table Of Contents ===== I.

Random Ravings II.Legalities III.

There is an unmarked room, ask to go in, Ask Mao to join and he does. Yes, you’re right.

I saw that all the current recruitment faqs only list the order on the tablets and not the order found in game.

The Suikoden franchise is known for its incredibly large cast of recruit able (and missable) characters. I've tried looking around but unless I'm blind (I probably am) I haven't been able to find a good guide about recruiting the 108 stars. Spoiler Alert and Advice IV. Reply Walkthrought Suikoden 5 New Leisure. Sail to Na Nal Island: You can recruit …

Self proclaimed Executor of Balance that usually involves herself as a guide for the Tenkai Star of each new gathering. Leknaat. Suikoden V is massive game and the largest entry in the series to date. There are 108 Starbearers in Suikoden Tierkreis just as there are 108 Stars of Destiny in the other Suikoden‘s. info)) is a role-playing video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo and published by Konami for the exclusively for the PlayStation 2 video game console and is the fourth installment of the Suikoden video game series.

Apart of being one of the major characters of Suikoden IV, Lino En Kuldes is also the King of Obel and the father of Flare. This is the complete list of all recruitable characters in Suikoden II. By Bethany Massimilla on January 13, 2005 at 7:07PM PST This is a complete list of all of the Stars of Destiny (recruitable characters) in Suikoden IV.

Suikoden IV retains both interesting storytelling and a compelling cast, but it mixes in a number of flawed and frustrating elements.