Her mother was traumatized by the event and became very frail and was hurt easily. When Shino was less than two years old, she was involved in a car accident. GGO Battle - Kirito vs LLENN Kirito is notably the fastest person in the game reflexes-wise as he's the only one to have consistently swatted automatic gunfire. Asuna and the others (GGO pros too including Sinon) tried and they failed until they thought it wasted effort. Tier: 10-B in AR/real life. 8-B in VR| High 8-C| At least 8-C, 6-C with Annhilate Ray and Ultima Ratio Hecate II All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. A Sinon figurine was featured as a prize in a Banpresto Sword Art Online lottery in November 2014, along with other merchandise. Due to his new avatar being shorter than his spriggan avatar, Kirito did not realise that Sinon, the first person he encountered, was a … Additionally, Kirito and Sinon also appear in anime-themed Christmas cards by San Diego card creator and retailer Papercut Dragon. This resulted in Shino becoming overprotective of her mother. During the six hours, Shino's father slowly died from internal bleeding while her mother watched. High quality Sinon gifts and merchandise. Asada Shino (Sinon) When Kirito first logged into Gun Gale Online, he soon became lost and attempted to ask the first person he met for directions. Boomstick: Kirito is a badass swordsman that can dual-wield swords- a rare ability given only to him by the creator of SAO because he demonstrated the highest reaction time out of everyone playing. First debuted in Sword Art Online Novel#5 (Or simply SAO 2 for the anime) Sinon was the main deuteragonist for the GGO Arc. While her first encounter with Kirito was less than favorable for her, she later grew a friendship with him, and other SAO survivors. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. By the time anyone noticed the accident, it had been six hours. There are also 3D light-up LED models of Kirito, Asuna, Sinon, and Leafa.